Monday, August 30, 2010

Thrifting, Painting and Textiles

Was out and about thrifting over the weekend and found some really great fabric.
I am thinking it would be ideal for covering some pillows.
The tan piece is about 2 1/2 yards; smaller light blue pieces are already sewn to fit a pillow form.
total cost- $2.00
( Yes, ma'am, ring it up!) :)

BEFORE- This was my laundry area about 2 weeks ago.
laundry area
Dark burgundy paint, mustard stars and Americana bears........ very dated!! ( painted in 1997 & 2000, need I say more??)
Plus, you can see unfinished wood on the right side. Blah!!!

It's now all Heirloom white! $24.00/gal. mixed at Walmart
distressed wood box, ( a former bread box) holds some small hand tools.
(I already owned this item.)
Martha Stewart pewter candle $1.00( bulb included) yard sale find
Wicker clothes basket( no more plastic!) $1.99 thrift store find
2 valances to cover shelf area and create much needed storage space! $7.00 Kmart clearance
I even sorted the hangers according to color. :)
Total cost for the mini makeover-



Close up of the basket................ it is so sturdy and heavy duty.

I received a wonderful package in the mail........... :)
This is from my friend, Birgit.
She was my partner in a textile swap over at The Pickled Pepper Patch.
Thank you so much, Birgit!!!!!

I am participating in NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAY

Be back soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thrifty Little Lantern

Found this wonderful lantern for a whopping 99 cents at a local thrift store in town.
"Wags to Riches", is run by the Guernsey County Pound Partners.

While, I love the lantern; the green doesn't really go with anything else in my home.

Ta-Da!! A coat of Rustoleum paint does wonders!

Its definitely an "All Season" item. I can see it used with birch sticks and/or antlers for Fall and Winter, with skinny pencil Starfish in the Summer and Forsythia or Peonies in the Spring.

A Fall look is what I want right now.

Check out the antlers.
They are real.
They came from one of my youngest daughter's hunting seasons.
Yes, she killed it herself.

I must be fashionable in the decor department these days.:)

POTTERY BARN is using them too.

Maybe I need to find a little white pumpkin to add to the vignette? :)

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Monday, August 16, 2010


Remember a couple weeks ago I was telling you I found some really great stuff??
Well, I thought today would be a perfect day to share some pictures.

Saturday marked the 6th time I have been there to get some goodies.

The place is owned by "Susie" and her husband.
You will meet her, (er, see her) a few pics down.
old ladder $6.00
vintage sled $6.00
chair $4.00
island/cart( behin the ladder) $24.00
You can't beat her prices!
She is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays to go clean out old barns and houses.
That means every weekend there is gonna be some new stuff to sort through!

tub $5.00
ladderback chair $9.00
square sieve( leaning on tub) $4.00
wood chest in background ( to the right) $14.00
vintage rake $3.00

LOTS and LOTS of vintage tools, jewelry, etc.
check out the old license plates $1.00 each!!!
green chair in background $6.00
quilt behind green chair $35.00

corner cabinet -sold! $80.00

antique school chalkboard w/attached ledger, original eraser is in the bag $45.00
spindles $2.00 each
corbels $3.00

Say hi to Susie!!!!
This lady is amazing!!
Great personality and willing to bargain!
I could set and talk with her all day. :)

Oh gosh, everytime I have been there we have come home with good stuff!
I bought a watering can and an oil can Saturday. Gosh, I need to get pics of them too.

but, for now...........

one more pic.....

The road headed home.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

At Home With K giveaway!!!

OMG, if you havent entered ;you better do it now!!
You get to pick out your own goodies!!


Monday, August 9, 2010


I am painting the laundry area....... be back soon.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ready for Fall??

Are you ready for Fall?
I sure am!

Whew, we have had a doozy of a summer. The weather has been hazy, hot and humid.
Plus, yesterday we had a heck of a storm; trees down, power out in places and roads closed for a while.

The electric was only off here for about 1/2 hour and came back on.
Here is hoping that everyone is doing well by now.

My container planters are looking so sad and scraggly. I guess they have just about had enough of Summer too.

Mums are appearing at all the stores.

I stopped at a new store today and sorry, I didn't have my camera to show you some of the goodies! But, oh gosh, its nice!!!

Today was the opening day.

~primitives~furniture~candles~decor & more~
open- Mon. thru Sat. 10-6
274 Main St. Byesville, Ohio 43723 (next to the public library)

While in the area.............

Check out Byesville Scenic Railways

Be back soon....................................