Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Back in the Game

It's been forever since I have done any real projects. After getting the house last May, I haven't had much time for the fun stuff.
Well, that needed to change...
First though, I needed to find something to make a project out of.........

I had some errands to run last week and I stopped into a little secondhand store that seems to always be closed whenever I do go by- except for this time- it was open!
The place was FREEZING though... absolutely no heat in there.
The owner said she polled a bunch of customers and asked if they would rather she have heat and her have $500-$600 a month electric bills(which would raise the prices) or would they rather bundle up and deal with the cold.
I guess the cold won out. lol
Everyone was walking around bundled up.

I found this round coffee table..... not just any round coffee table but a Heywood Wakefield table.
The top is also a lazy susan.
 It was pretty scratched up and dirty(poor thing).
 It didn't matter; all I could see was potential.

After some good cleaning, checking out my paint stash and looking at my idea board; I came up with this....


I had been looking for a round coffee table forever!

I guess good things do come to those who wait. :)