Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With The Old..........

...................And In with the New!
Are you celebrating with friends and family tonight?
We are going to a friend's house to play cards and eat . I hope the weather holds up. It is snowing here right now. Just a miserable snow, not a pretty snow. lol
Have you made any plans for the new year??
I don't make resolutions because it seems like I break them. I like to make myself, "promises" . A promise to myself to improve my own life, my own surroundings. :)
The part about improving my own surroundings has already started.
The last two days I spent painting my ceilings. Yea!! They are all done!! I just redid them in white ,but omg! The big improvement. I guess you dont' realize how gray they get after a while. Brush some white paint up there and then look!!!
These are my home projects I want to get done.
1. paint bedroom
2. paint living room
3."'redo" my kitchen to have more prim cabinets
3. new living room set
Projects about "me"
1. lose a few pounds
2. learn a new skill
3. buy new undergarments. :)
4. start a conversation with someone new at least once a month.
I am sure there is more I could add to the list. :)
We are planning a trip to the thrift stores ( some big ones) next week.
Have you found any goodies lately?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Up for HOurs....

Good morning!!
I am up early, having coffee and watching the news. :)

(no, this isn't me)

Yesterday,I ventured out long enough to grab some things at the grocery- for the cats, not us. lol
Did check at Walmart for any good bargains though. I had bought a new tree there before the holidays. It is in my pics, actually the one in my last post too. :)
Right now the same tree is on sale for $10.00. If you are looking for a more prim and slim tree, go grab one up. That is a great deal. Tree tree name is '"Slim Wesley".
I don't need any wrapping paper or ornaments right now. I still have quite a bit of wrappung paper left. Over the summer I bought one of the large red and green gift wrap holders at a yard sale. It was FULL of gift wrap, tags, ribbons, bows, etc. best part was , I got it for $2.00.
Ornaments- I love the homemade ones that I have received from soo many online friends. :)
I may venture out today to check out Big Lots and Kmart.
Grabbed a quick lunch at Sheetz yesterday while we were out. We got a jr. burger with the works, small fries and a large drink( cola) for 48 cents!!
How did we do that? Well, Sheetz sends coupons to those on their mailing list.
We had 2 free jr. burger coupons( includes extras), and right now if your get anything "made to order" you get FREE fries. Plus, all fountain drinks are only 48 cents any size. It cost us .96 cents( for 2 people) to eat out. Now thats a good bargain for the frugal shopper!! :)

Did you find any good bargains?

We did get all the christmasy stuff put away yesterday. I managed to get it all done ( with a little help from dd#2). All the laundry is done, floors swept, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and cleaned out the refrigerator. We were was busy. lol

(nope, not me either, lol))

Whatever holiday treats are left tomorrow; I am giving away.

I am going to start working on some new projects in the next few days. I have been checking around to see who is having valentine day swaps. YOOHOO! Where are you swap hostesses? lol
I am so ready for some new ideas!! :)

Need to check out the library today, They are having a brown bag sale. You get all the books you can put in a brown paper bag for $1.00. Lately, I have found some great finds.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thoughts at the end of Christmas...........

The day is almost gone… its hard to believe that all the anticipation, preparations, planning, cooking and gift wrapping is over in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it makes me sad. Sad to see the day go so quickly. It isn’t the family gathering and the giving of gifts that make me sad, it’s knowing that another year is almost gone.
In a few short days 2008 will be here. Life seems to have passed so quickly these last few years. Both of my daughters are out of high school, working and becoming their own person.

Storm & Samantha
I miss those Christmases of toys spread all over the house; looking for tiny pieces to games or Barbie doll shoes. I miss them waiting on Santa to come.
I hope they remember those Christmases and they pass it on to their own babies.
Do you ever wonder if your kids really know how much you love them? I mean, yes, they hear the words but do they really KNOW it? Do they know that this day, like any other day can’t ever be done over? I hope my girls know it.
I hope I have shown my girls how precious they are to me, how wonderful the holidays and any other day is when I get to spend it with them.
Sam (Samantha) is not home this Christmas and I miss her badly.
For so many years there was just us. I used to tell them we were ”The Three Musketeers”.
We were there for each other to lean on, to listen to. All the ups and downs we took on and got through it.

Can you tell I am feeling a little melancholy? It’s the traditions, the music, and the decorations that get me feeling like this.
December 26th always seems like such a let down after today. Not only is it the day after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas but also closer to the end of the year, closer to starting 2009.

I want to start making some plans. I feel very tired this evening and thinking of all the things I would like to do, things I would like to see and things I would like to learn next year. I would like to go on a trip, go exploring, learn a new language, learn to “sign”, lose some weight, redo some rooms in my home, and be well known for something, anything!
Have you decided what you will do different next year?

Will you make a New Year resolution and then not keep it?
I have started writing this down, making plans, not just thinking it, but actually writing down how I am going to accomplish my goals. I can keep saying it, but doing it is the way to get it done.

Tomorrow I am going to start taking down the decorations- the tree and ornies first. The pine garlands and snowflakes will be good till at least the middle of January.
When do you take down your decorations?

I need to start working on some new projects.
What are you working on right now?

Maybe make something new to put on my door.
What do you put on your door after Christmas?

I also have a ton of hardbacks that I want to read while its cold weather.
What kind of books do you like?

What swaps are you planning on joining or doing?
I love doing swaps. I love getting things in the mail that someone else has made. It’s like a small gift of a little part of you. J
There is nothing better than mail from a friend.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday; full of amazing memories.
Are you going shopping for the "post Christmas" sales?

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

NOt a WHite CHristmas?

Good Tuesday morning,
I have been up for a few hours; enjoying the quietness and drinking coffee.
The weather forecasters are saying , NO White Christmas for us. Oh geez. I always look forward to snow on Christmas. I don't care if it doesn't snow any other day- just snow THAT day.

SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW....... maybe if I chant it enough it will be here on Christmas. lol

Yesterday I made two batches of the Chocolate Chex® Caramel Crunch. click here for recipe.

I got to say this stuff is yummy!! I have never been one to like all those "mixes" but, this one rocks!! You don't even need to drizzle the white chocolate on it.

Lets see, what else did I get done? I made 3 batches of microwave peanut brittle and a wonderful cheese & beef spread.

These are my own recipes so if you have questions, ask me. I may not have quite clarified something.


1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1 cup salted peanuts (I use the cheapy ones from Aldi's, they are salted)
1 teaspoon butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking soda

LIGHLTY butter or spray a cookie sheet.
Combine sugars and corn syrup in a 2 quart glass bowl and microwave on high 4 minutes.
Stir in peanuts and microwave on high 3 minutes more, then stir in butter and vanilla and microwave for 1 minute.
Stir in baking soda until light and foamy. Pour onto cookie sheet and spread thin. Cool completely and break into pieces and serve.
* alot of recipes call for one cup of white sugar and no brown sugar. I use half cup each and brittle gets the warm honey color that you normally see.
** one more thing. I warm my cookie sheet in the oven for a few minutes (put it in before you start making brittle) on 200 degrees. it helps the brittle spread/thin out on the pan since its warm. otherwise brittle starts to "set up" as soon as it hits the cold cookie sheet.


I used
3 pkgs. of cream cheese( any brand, large pack)
1 package of dried beef, cut up in small pieces
2/3 c. shredded cheddar cheese
2 tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp. garlic powder
3 green onions( just the green part, diced very small)
soften cream cheese in microwave bowl. add all other ingredients( except paprika), mix well. place in serving container, sprinkle lightly with paprika . cover and refrig. till needed.
I serve it with crusty bread or crackers. :)
* it is easier to spread if you remove from refrig about an hour before serving

In the last few years, I have really cut back on all the Chirstmas baking. I bake alot all through the year. lol.
I am mixing up a batch of buttermilk cookies later today. They are very easy to make and so old fashioned; without all the sprinkles and crazy colored icings you see this time of year. lol
As soon as they are done , I will post a pic. :)

This year for Christmas dinner, we are all fixing something Italian to take to my dad's. I haven't decided what to make yet. I know, I know, I am waiting till the last second.

So far, our menu includes:
garlic bread
chickew wings( I know they are not italian). A friend of my sister , kelly, is coming. and that his best dish -he says. :). His mom and dad are both gone and he would be by himself otherwise. He is 23 and such a little cutie. lol
Anyways, back to the menu.............
iced tea
and a dessert
Anyone have any suggestions of something simple( thats italian) I can fix? We need another pasta dish.
What do you think we should have for dessert? I vetoed the idea of german choc. cake. I think its too much, too heavy with a bunch of pasta dishes.

Come on, give me some ideas. :)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helping Out Everywhere......

Good morning,

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday.
My dad got to come home Friday night. He is a a bit sore of course, but otherwise doing well.
Thank you to all the posts and emails I received asking about him.

Saturday I spent straightening up my house and then going to his home. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup while I was there.

I was going to take a picture of dad but he wasn't having it. :)

Last night I went to watch the court house lights again . I just love them and think this is one of the best things our town has ever done.

CLICK HERE -to watch the awesome light show
I am on the volunteer committee and thoroughly enjoy being involved.

After the first of the year, I am also going to be doing some community outreach activities with a local thrift store, "COMMUNITY TREASURES".
There are numerous food giveaways and a hot meal program in our area.
We need some type of program to assist with personal hygiene products and cleaning suppplies and resource information. Colgate is within 10 minutes of my home, BUT they are asked to donate to everything. There has to got be other resources out there to check into.
We would also like to be able to offer a free hot meal on Sundays too. Right now, the church that does offer a free lunch does not do so on Sunday due to church services. They do offer carryout on Saturdays of a packaged lunch for 25 cents. The only reason the carryout is 25 cents is to cover the cost of the styrofoam container.
Another idea is to recycle some of the clothing that is brought to the thrift store. There are wonderful fabrics, buttons and laces that can be salvaged from clothing no longer worth wearing. We need to come up with some ideas of where to sell or what to do with it to supplement incoming funds.
In the future the store would also like to be able to offer child care to those working; we just need to move somewhere bigger. I found a place, a perfect place. It used to be a day care and office center. The play area is already fenced in, lots of window space and parking. It is 6,000 sq. ft. The downside is the owner wants $2,000.00 a month rent-regardless to the fact it has set empty for at least 6 months.!! This just isn't feasible. The store is nonprofit. All money stays in the community. The workers are those that are doing community service to "work off" thier food cards and/or cash assistance. Dorene, the store owner, does not have the funds to pay that kind of rent. So, we continue to look.

Oh, I did go shopping at KMART yesterday. They were having double coupons. My total before coupons was $61.02 , after coupon reduction- $22.12 . I was/am more than thrilled!!!
The lady behind me even asked the cashier how much I saved. lol
She said she was very proud of me. :)

Anyways, how was your weekend?? Are you ready for Christmas? Shopping all done? :) Mine is not.

Off to read what you have been up to,

Friday, December 19, 2008

Surgery, Adam & Noodle Recipe

Good morning all!
Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple days. I have been trying to get things done around the house, do some things at my dad's and then Adam ( our greyhound) got hurt Wednesday night.
First, my dad is supposed to have surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts. I hadn't said anything till now because in October we got to the hospital and dad decided he wasn't ready. In November the Dr. cancelled that morning before dad left the house. I am hoping this time everything goes smoothly; surgery is scheduled for noon.

Adam is okay now, Storm took him to the vet yesterday morning(the vet is within 3 minutes of us). Night before last(Wednesday) he had been out running around the yard and slipped and fell. He nicked his leg and ear a little bit. The vet put him on an antibiotic and a pain med for a few days. He also let us know that he is a "pleasingly plump" greyhound. :)

A little over a year ago when I got Adam he was too thin and slighly dehydrated according to the vet. So now, I take the plump remark as good. :) The vet says he is very healthy and great structure for a greyhound. I just love my greyhound!!!

Someone had asked me a while ago for the recipe for how I make my homemade noodles. considering that holiday time is here again, I thought I would post my recipe as best as I can.

I kinda "eyeball" the ingredients. :)
This recipe will give you enough to fill a crockpot.
eggs- at least 6-8
1/4 cup water
chicken broth in a pan, boiling
Put eggs in bowl and beat with mixer. I know alot of people just beat with a fork. The mixer adds more air to the egg mix, which makes them fluffier or lighter tasting.
Add water and mix again
Add flour to make a smooth dough.
Sprinkle four onto rolling board or counter. Roll out about half your dough, till thin( about 1/8 in thick). Cut with a pizza cutter it is soo much easier than trying to cut with a knife. Noodles can be as thin or thick( in width) as you would like.
Drop cut noodles into boiling chicken broth.
Roll out remaining dough and repeat process. Let cook until noodles are tender.
I do not add salt till noodles are cooked. Salt has a tendency to make dough tougher than you want for noodles. Serve when done. :)

Be back soon,

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday ...

Good morning all!
I have been busy getting craft projects finished up.
There are no more "Christmasy " crafts being done here. lol
I am ready to move on to something else. :)
I had gotten a bag of Granny Smith apples a few days and wanted to make use of them. What better way than to make some dumplings!!! I have always used my mom's recipe of making a pie like crust, cutting it , etc, etc. now don't get me wrong, it was good! But after making these and eating some last night... mom's recipe is at the bottom of the barrel. ( good thing my mom doesn't have a computer). tee hee

These dumplings are made with Mt. Dew!! Yes, Mt. Dew!! The kind in the green can, that you drink, that is full of sugar. lol
You can find the recipe and a great tutorial HERE . They are so easy!!!!

Here is a pic of my Christmas tree I took while sitting in the dark last night. I do that occasionally. lol

I will be back later.
I want to see what everyone else is working on today. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Few Things from the Weekend

Hi all,
Can you believe that the weekend is over ?
And Christmas is closer? ;)
I finally did some shopping today. :).
Stopped by Kmart and Big Lots; neither place was really that busy.
Kmart had a few items on sale that were buy one get one free. :)
I bought-
Joe Boxer pajama pants for 2/12.99
Joe Boxer slipper socks 2/4.99
"Men of Honor" dvd 5.00
"Edward Scissorhands" dvd 5.00
Thermal underwear shirts 3.99 each
Oral B toothbrushes on sale with coupon 3/$2.99
and a few other things.
I wanted to have enough to use the $5.00 off $50.00 coupon that I got for signing up here .
I also had a $20.00 gift certificate that a neighbor had given me for tending her garden while they went away for the weekend over the summer.
I ended up walking out of the store with $75.00 worth of merchandise for $34.89.
Our local Kmart is also offering double off coupons starting on Wednesday. I have been trying to get my coupons in order so I can actually find what I am looking for. :)

Saturday I started my day by making some mini cranberry wreaths to hang on our tree outside.
Walmart had cranberries on sale for $1.68 a bag. I used a large eye needle and strung them on dental floss.

Big Lots had Ritz crackers on sale( clearance) for 75 cents a box.
I had gotten two boxes on Saturday ;went back today and got two more.
I wanted to have extras on hand for those holiday cheeseballs. :)

We made chocolate covered Ritz crackers Saturday and that used alot.

Here is the recipe.
1 box of Ritz crackers or similar type of cracker
creamy peanut butter (unless you're brave enough to try spreading chunky) lol
1 pkg vanilla candy coating (chocolate coating works well too)
holiday sprinkles (optional)
wax paper (to put the cookies on to dry, not to eat!)
Spread peanut butter generously between two crackers.
Repeat for as many as you want to make.
Melt candy coating in saucepan on low heat, stirring often.
Dip peanut butter crackers into melted coating.
Let excess coating drip off (back in the saucepan, not on the floor!).
Place cookie on wax paper and immediately decorate with sprinkles before coating hardens.

I also stopped at Cato's and picked up a new bra for me and a couple for dd#2(Storm). She is the "deer hunter"/no frills sort of girl and hates to shop for clothes. I know she is going to be surprised when she sees the bras I got her for Christmas . tee hee
They had some really pretty styles on sale. I got mine for $2.99 and Storm's were only $4.99 each. So much better than the regular price of $14.99 ea.. :)

In Saturday's mail I received another ornie. Wait til you see it! I wanted to post it today but a couple girls have not received theirs yet and I know they could peek here and ruin the surprise.

Oh, if you dont have a CVS card , well get one. Next week CVS is having some major pre- Christmas deals and things will be free with your ECB's.

We went and watched the Christmas light show at the courthouse again on Friday night. This coming weekend we are going for a horse drawn carriage ride around town. I will try to remember to take my camera.

I have a question for you all. Remember my friend Saundra, the sewing newbie( from one of my previous posts)?
I want to fix her up a "prim goodie sewing basket".
What all do you think I should include? I have some ticking, black emb. thread, some dark wool. What else needs to go in it? I need some ideas.
What type of container should I put everything in? help.............lol

Tomorrow I am planning on wrapping things (after Storm goes to work) and doing a little sewing.
What are you doing??

Friday, December 12, 2008

I SCored BIG Today!!!

Yes, I did!! I scored big today!!!
First, want to to show you the wonderful goodies I got in the mail!!
I won these in a giveaway at Bird in the Hand Primitives .
THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBIN!!!! I love everything!!
That Santa is just the coolest!! My daughter #2 (18 y/o) said, "Hey cool Santa, he has a snowman voodoo stick!" lol
I know that's not what it really is but hey, it's cool to her too. She wanted to put him in her room. Um, NOT........
The candy cames are so soft and full!!! I just love them!! The ornies are going on my tree as soon as I am done with this post. :)

Next is the ornie I received from Hazelruthe at the Prim & Rustic ornie swap (Delphi forums).
It is soo pretty and vintage too. I had just told my sister last night that next year I want to do a mixed media or vintage ornie tree.This will be perfect!

I think I will start looking for a white tree this summer.:)

I stopped by Dollar General to pick up a few things and found these. They are the reed diffusers. DG has them on clearance for $1.75 each!! I couldnt pass them up. The scents available at my local store were Pumpkin pie and Apple cider. I figure they will make a great little gift for someone. I plan on taking them out of this box and putting them in a cute gift bag.

Last but not least, I stopped at the thrift store. I am so glad i did!!
These are the goodies I got:

picnic basket was $1.99
blue plastic cookie plate w/ snowflakes 19 cents ( I am filling it with cookies for the neighbors across the street)

snowman mug w/matching spoon 49 cents
small brown crock 49 cents
vintage striped pitcher 99 cents
new flurryville ornament "mother & child" 99 cents
snowman paper mache box 39 cents
rusty star pip berries( behind the pitcher) 29 cents
german twig tree with pip berries $1.49

I told you I scored BIG today! :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Santa of a different color......

Hi all,
I was looking outside and it is starting to sleet; that's the last thing I wanted to see .
I wanted to post another Santa that I finished up this morning.

a little closer
Someone had asked me to make a black Santa and of course, I said yes.
Actually, I made two. One is staying at my home. :)
His beard is made of raw wool. Clothing is tea-stained flannel, body is painted muslin and distressed. I put rusty bells on his jacket and one at the tip of his hat. He is also holding a frosty candy cane.
Right now, I am thinking this is the last of the Santas. lol. Maybe not, we will see. :)
Tonight's supper is Beef Stew and biscuits. What are you fixing at your house?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay, I had good intentions....lol

I picked up this cheese board and dome for 49 cents at a thrift store last week.

I was going to do something creative ......... well, that didn't happen.

First, my dad called; his computer wasn't booting up. I went over and looked at it. Took my keyboard over since he said his wasn't lighting up. Nope, still didnt work. I loaded it up and dropped it off at the shop.

On the way home, a sick friend called, "could I pick up a prescription?". Sure.

Turned around in the parking lot; went back to the pharmacy window. Dropped it off to her at the door( I do not want the flu again!).

Stopped and picked up a gallon of milk; needed cat litter too but I forgot my coupon holder on the table. ( I willl have to get it today).

Walked in the FRONT door, headed to pee and heard someone hollering. I opened up the BACK door and neighbor had slipped and fallen on his steps. I called his son, called the squad( just to be on the safe side) and waited with him until they got there.

Grabbed a glass of rasberry tea and set down on the couch to catch my breath. hmmm. There was a little black thing on the floor.. Well, it was a black crow that USED to be sewed on a sheep's back. It was a christmas decoration, stooped to pick it up. Hey, there is another ornie lying near Dd#2's bedroom door. Then I see another in the kitchen.

Who did it??

I think it's a conspiracy!!

I got guilty looks from the cats AND the dog. I swear they are like kids!!

They wait till I leave and get into things. by the time I picked up SEVEN ornies, ran the vaccuum, and took Adam ( the dog) outside in the pouring rain, I was out of the crafting mood. Heck, it was time for supper.

This morning when I got up. the roll of paper towels was UNROLLED from the kitchen cabinet clear down the hall. Every sheet has claw marks!!

So, back to my project.. What should I do with this? I want to paint it. should I use it for.... . fudge? soaps?, cookies, what do you think? I know I don't want cheese on it.

I hate warm cheese.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got lots to talk about..........

Last night I went to my friend Saundra's to help with a few craft projects. She is pretty new to the prim world and really, really new at handmades!

Matter of fact, if you check out her gifts under the tree there is a beginner sewing machine from her dh. This is a gal who never had a sewing machine before. Heck, I don't think she took
Home Ec past jr. high. :).
Dh told her she can't use it till Christmas. teehee
He works out of town Sunday thru Thursday... soo....
She is planning on trying it out. ssshhhh.......
I have been trying to find her some easy peazy patterns to start with.

Sarah , she is getting the supplies to make your icicles today after work. :)

Saundra is an aide at a local school district for special needs children. Please check out her home. I am trying to talk her into joining the blogging world.

(click on link below to see more)
Saundra's home aka "kittykat cottage"

I also want to post on something important to me. The mistreatment of animals.
Please check out

Angie's blog to help a poor dog! I can't believe that people are so mean.

The new edition of Primitive Times magazine is also available. There is usually some great ideas, lots of pictures and more. I haven't even had a chance to look at it myself. I wanted to pass it on in this post to you all. :)

Primitive Times Magazine

Also, I am loving this doily tree topper . I know its not prim but still, oh so pretty.

Doily Tree Topper

Be back soon,

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't look..........

Don't look If you object to hunting or have a very weak stomach. I wanted to post a a couple pics of dd#2 from deer hunting in 2007 and over the weekend.

I AM proud of her, proud for being an excellent shot, for being a responsible hunter, for having a positive outlook toward life and not getting into any trouble . She is not the type of girl that hangs out, smokes nor drinks. I know there are alot of kids that do these days.
So , if you want to see, scroll on...............

STORM - hunting 2007 (doe, weight before prep 204 lbs.)

deer 2008 ( doe, weight before prep 218 lbs)

Santa pics, Days Agenda & Sarah's Icicles

Good morning,
I am just on for a few minutes. We have groceries to get, stop at the post office, thrift store and copy shop. This afternoon I am helping a friend( the one I told you about yesterday). I guess I am going there instead of her coming here.
I will take the camera so I can post some pics of what we make and her home. It is really cute!!

This is the Santa I made , well, finished up over the weekend. He was naked for a week. lol


His beard is made from stained cheesecloth. I just kept folding it over, then gathered it in the middle to make sort of a moustache. :)
He looks like he enjoys setting in the chair. :) It definitely matches his attire. :)

Please stop over by Sarah's BLog and check out her awesome icicles! Her dh thought they looked like noodles. NOT!!! LOL

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quiet Sunday Night........

This weekend was spent sewing, cooking and baking. One Santa is done and one to go. lol
Saundra, a friend of mine from high school is coming over tomorrow afternoon to work on some ornies for her tree. She is pretty new to prim and has nothing to start with.
Do you have any ideas of some easy things we can whip up ? She doesn't have a sewing machine so the sewing will be done here at my house. I have even been looking for some thrift store finds that we can make "prim".

Storm(dd#2) got a deer. She was only out about 3 hours on Saturday. I will post some pics of her deer from last year and this year probably tomorrow.. I know hunting is normally thought of as a boy thing but Storm has been hunting since she was about 10. Number one item on her Christmas list is a new rifle. I am very proud of her. She is an excellent marksman or should I say, "markswoman". :)
Deer is being processed into summer sausage, jerky, a couple steaks and the rest ground.

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this evening. Very good on a cold winter night.

Saturday I made a huge pot of potato soup. We finished it up this afternoon at lunch.

I did dry oranges to add to the trees(inside and out).

I hadn't done them in years. The last dehydrator we had broke about 2 years ago. This one in the pic I found at a yard sale over the summer. It cost me a whole $3.00.

I need to do some Christmas shopping. There are a few that I couldn't make them anything that they would be happy with whatsoever. Otherwise , everyone would be getting hommade. :)
Has anyone seen AIDA cloth anywhere? I wanted to do some cross stitiching like the cool prim/colonial ones I have seen lately. It seems to be scarce around here.
Usually I see some at the thrift stores, but of course , when I am looking for it. There is none.
So,what did you do this weekend?
Were you busy crafting, shopping , etc?

Friday, December 5, 2008

THrift Store Find & More GOodies In The Mail..........

Hello all,
It has been so cold here tody. The wind blowing makes it feel even colder. I have another five trays of oranges in the dehydrator. They will be going on the trees; both inside and out.
I had to go to town and pick up a few things from the store so I stopped into the local thrift store.

I picked up this chair for $1.99!!!!!! (Sorry the pic is a little dark.)

Got it home; had the neighbor help me get it inside. I had some flannel checked fabric that matched perfectly and whipped me up some scarves for the back and arms. I really like it!! I may have it covered this summer but for now it works as is. :)
What do you think?

I also want to show you some swap goodies I received from a swap on http://www.createaprim.com/

I love all of it!! Thank You Gayle!!!!

I still have 2 naked Santas. They need to be dressed real soon. I can't have Santa unprepared for his big day. lol

DD#2 is going hunting this weekend.
I will try to scan the pic from last year with her first deer and post it . I hope she does well this year too.
What are your plans for the weekend??

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

COme On Over.........

Let's pretend that we are having a little "get together".
All of our best blogging friends are coming.

* snowflakes on garland are foam. you get 6/$1.00 at the dollar tree. pine garland is from Walmart $4.00/bundle, ribbon from Big Lots $2.50 roll

Christmas music is playing.
Wait, I can hear "deck the halls". :) lol

You check out my Christmas decorating.....................
(This tree turns constantly, so ornies are all the way around it.)

I can hear the oohs and aahs.( giggle)

( just bought this tree on the spur of the moment because it is slender. Another Walmart special for $20.00). My old one was donated to senior center today. :)

Stars in tree are from Dollar Zone . $1.00 each. I put 9 of them on the tree

Old skates are another thrift store special . I got them for $1.99. I removed laces , replaced with homespun and added a tag. voila!!

Thrift store snowman $3.99. A bit pricier than what I usually pay but his clothing is all wool AND he still had the original tag on him . $69.99!!! whoa!!!
Want to see more????
Click on the link.....................
Come back to visit anytime. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A CHilly TUesday, TRee Box & MOre

Good morning all,
It is chiily outside! Brrr!

I am waiting on the batteries to charge so I can post some images of my holiday decorating.:)
In the meantime, I will share these with you. My sister, Karla, sent me these of her new tree box. She made this box out of old barnwood. It hides the plastic stand very well. I can't wait to see the tree when it's all done.:)

close up
Barnwood tree box

I just got my new freebie in an email from Eileen .
She is sending a new freebie each day for the twelve days of Christmas if you are on her newsletter list.
Today's freebie would make a great ornament or a gift!!

What are your plans for the day?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Printable December Freebies-hurry!!!

Just on for a minute, I am busy decorating but I wanted to let you in on a secret. Eileen from Seneca Pond Crafts is having a DAILY printable freebie when you sign up for her newsleter. Hurry over to http://www.senecapondcrafts.com/
These are only available for those signed up for her newsletter; each freebie expires at midnight!

Today's freebie is

(lots of free stuff under "surprise" sidebar too)

Eileen is a wonderful person and great friend with so many ideas!! She bought one of our T2T garden benches a year ago.