Sunday, December 21, 2008

Helping Out Everywhere......

Good morning,

Sorry I didn't check in yesterday.
My dad got to come home Friday night. He is a a bit sore of course, but otherwise doing well.
Thank you to all the posts and emails I received asking about him.

Saturday I spent straightening up my house and then going to his home. I made a big pot of chicken noodle soup while I was there.

I was going to take a picture of dad but he wasn't having it. :)

Last night I went to watch the court house lights again . I just love them and think this is one of the best things our town has ever done.

CLICK HERE -to watch the awesome light show
I am on the volunteer committee and thoroughly enjoy being involved.

After the first of the year, I am also going to be doing some community outreach activities with a local thrift store, "COMMUNITY TREASURES".
There are numerous food giveaways and a hot meal program in our area.
We need some type of program to assist with personal hygiene products and cleaning suppplies and resource information. Colgate is within 10 minutes of my home, BUT they are asked to donate to everything. There has to got be other resources out there to check into.
We would also like to be able to offer a free hot meal on Sundays too. Right now, the church that does offer a free lunch does not do so on Sunday due to church services. They do offer carryout on Saturdays of a packaged lunch for 25 cents. The only reason the carryout is 25 cents is to cover the cost of the styrofoam container.
Another idea is to recycle some of the clothing that is brought to the thrift store. There are wonderful fabrics, buttons and laces that can be salvaged from clothing no longer worth wearing. We need to come up with some ideas of where to sell or what to do with it to supplement incoming funds.
In the future the store would also like to be able to offer child care to those working; we just need to move somewhere bigger. I found a place, a perfect place. It used to be a day care and office center. The play area is already fenced in, lots of window space and parking. It is 6,000 sq. ft. The downside is the owner wants $2,000.00 a month rent-regardless to the fact it has set empty for at least 6 months.!! This just isn't feasible. The store is nonprofit. All money stays in the community. The workers are those that are doing community service to "work off" thier food cards and/or cash assistance. Dorene, the store owner, does not have the funds to pay that kind of rent. So, we continue to look.

Oh, I did go shopping at KMART yesterday. They were having double coupons. My total before coupons was $61.02 , after coupon reduction- $22.12 . I was/am more than thrilled!!!
The lady behind me even asked the cashier how much I saved. lol
She said she was very proud of me. :)

Anyways, how was your weekend?? Are you ready for Christmas? Shopping all done? :) Mine is not.

Off to read what you have been up to,


  1. We'll pray that that store owner has a change of heart - surely the tax deduction would be better than an empty building! And what a great idea - and I'll bet there are lots of people who are stuck at home that wouldn't mind participating in recycling.

    Oh, I wish I had the money to fund such a thing - with community gardens and day care and a thrift store and recycling... I just need to win the lottery! :)

    Glad to hear your dad is safely home!


  2. You are an awesome person! I'm sure your community appreciates all of your hard work and your kind heart!

    Sounds like you did great at Kmart with coupons.I hope a Walgreen's comes to your town soon like you were hoping!

  3. Forgot to mention, I'm glad your dad's surgery went well!

  4. Kim, I'm glad to hear that your father is at home recovering. I bet he really appreciated that pot of wonderful looking soup that you made!

    The light display is AWESOME! I love the Trans Siberian bit of it!

    We have a church in our community that hosts a scrapbook night. I haven't been, but I've talked to a lady that attends. The church doesn't charge the group for the use of the basement. It is open to anyone once a month for 6 hours. You show up when you want and stay as long as you want, bring your own supplies, and a snack to share. The lady organizing it, charges $3/person to donate to charity. All of the participants share ideas, swap materials etc. Some bring their punches and stuff like that for everyone to share. You could maybe host something like that more frequently, and gather up the buttons and what nots from the clothing for everyone to share or buy. There is a lady who sells supplies, and she brings a variety of papers and things for anyone that is just starting out. There is NO pressure to buy anything though.

    Good work on the coupons!

  5. Hi Kim!
    I am so glad your dad made out ok!
    Your soup looks so yummy!

    You are a very giving-caring person, girl!
    Everything will come together, good things happen for good people!
    You're "good people" Kim! :)

    Merry Christmas!

    oh...I don't think I saw your name on my giveaway...please stop over and sign up..K?!

  6. It all sounds very busy and giving of you.
    Glad your Dad is on the road to recovery
    Merry Christmas

  7. What an awesome outreach with noble goals. I hope you are able to acheive each and every one of them in the new year. Have you tried getting a local publication to write about you and mentioning your needs? Around here, that often results in someone coming forward. It has worked on several tings I was involved in. Best of luck!!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Glad your Dad came out okay....your soup looks delish! Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. With the coming of a new year I hope all your wishes for the store come true.
    Love the building too...so beautiful:0