Friday, December 19, 2008

Surgery, Adam & Noodle Recipe

Good morning all!
Sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple days. I have been trying to get things done around the house, do some things at my dad's and then Adam ( our greyhound) got hurt Wednesday night.
First, my dad is supposed to have surgery today. Please keep us in your thoughts. I hadn't said anything till now because in October we got to the hospital and dad decided he wasn't ready. In November the Dr. cancelled that morning before dad left the house. I am hoping this time everything goes smoothly; surgery is scheduled for noon.

Adam is okay now, Storm took him to the vet yesterday morning(the vet is within 3 minutes of us). Night before last(Wednesday) he had been out running around the yard and slipped and fell. He nicked his leg and ear a little bit. The vet put him on an antibiotic and a pain med for a few days. He also let us know that he is a "pleasingly plump" greyhound. :)

A little over a year ago when I got Adam he was too thin and slighly dehydrated according to the vet. So now, I take the plump remark as good. :) The vet says he is very healthy and great structure for a greyhound. I just love my greyhound!!!

Someone had asked me a while ago for the recipe for how I make my homemade noodles. considering that holiday time is here again, I thought I would post my recipe as best as I can.

I kinda "eyeball" the ingredients. :)
This recipe will give you enough to fill a crockpot.
eggs- at least 6-8
1/4 cup water
chicken broth in a pan, boiling
Put eggs in bowl and beat with mixer. I know alot of people just beat with a fork. The mixer adds more air to the egg mix, which makes them fluffier or lighter tasting.
Add water and mix again
Add flour to make a smooth dough.
Sprinkle four onto rolling board or counter. Roll out about half your dough, till thin( about 1/8 in thick). Cut with a pizza cutter it is soo much easier than trying to cut with a knife. Noodles can be as thin or thick( in width) as you would like.
Drop cut noodles into boiling chicken broth.
Roll out remaining dough and repeat process. Let cook until noodles are tender.
I do not add salt till noodles are cooked. Salt has a tendency to make dough tougher than you want for noodles. Serve when done. :)

Be back soon,


  1. Hugs and Prayers. I hope everything goes well.

  2. I'll be keeping your dad in my prayers!

    Cute greyhound!

    Love homemade noodles!

  3. Hey Kim!
    Hope all goes well for your dad...prayers just went up!!
    Adam is beautiful!!
    Glad he's doin ok...
    Thanks for sharing your noodles! :)

    Merry Christmas~Kath

  4. Kim~This looks like such an easy noodle recipe...Who would ever want store bought when you can make them homemade?
    I am gonna try this this weekend and make some homemade chicken noodle soup.
    Love Adam...He's a Beaut!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks for the recipe. I have copied and pasted it to a saved file.

  6. I hope your Dad's surgery went well and he's recovering :)

    Adam is a plump greyhound, in a good way. He looks healthy and happy!

    I checked Amazon and other places for the Magic Treehouse books. They wanted more per book, plus shipping of course than I paid at Target. I was hoping to find a collection of books because that's how Shane has bought them in the past through his book orders. However, the newer ones are mostly hardcover still and not in boxed sets yet. It was hard finding #29 because it's called Christmas in Camelot and I think people were buying it because of the time of year. I wanted to buy a third but I couldn't find #31 anywhere. Plenty of the higher up ones and the first few, though. Oh, well, he'll be happy and if he'll read, I'll be happy! Shane isn't a big reader (Gets that from his Dad, not me!)so when I see him curled up with at Magic Treehouse book, it makes me happy!

    Have a great night and weekend with your family :)


  7. I am so glad Adam is okay. Those darn greyhounds are so fast, they can get hurt just as fast. I think he looks wonderful. Lucky he found a good home! You want another? I have a 2 year old foster who is full of energy. Not what I am used to in a greyhound at all. She definitely keeps me on my toes!

  8. I hope your dad's surgery went well today! I will say a prayer for a speedy recovery! I'm also glad your dog is doing well too..my uncle used to have greyhounds. He rescued them from a dog racing track. They have died fairly recently..but they were always such beautiful dogs. Adam is too:) I hope he'll feel 100% soon! <3Lauren

  9. Hope everything went well with your dad today.
    Your dog is beautiful! Glad he is doing ok!
    Thanks for the noodle recipe!