Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Santa of a different color......

Hi all,
I was looking outside and it is starting to sleet; that's the last thing I wanted to see .
I wanted to post another Santa that I finished up this morning.

a little closer
Someone had asked me to make a black Santa and of course, I said yes.
Actually, I made two. One is staying at my home. :)
His beard is made of raw wool. Clothing is tea-stained flannel, body is painted muslin and distressed. I put rusty bells on his jacket and one at the tip of his hat. He is also holding a frosty candy cane.
Right now, I am thinking this is the last of the Santas. lol. Maybe not, we will see. :)
Tonight's supper is Beef Stew and biscuits. What are you fixing at your house?


  1. Cute Sanats! :) Oh, and dinner? Half a bag of baked potato chips - I didn't make that up, either! :(


  2. They really are adorable....good for you. Dianntha

  3. Oh he is cute!!! I want one!!:0) As for supper hubby made pizza!! Have a great night!~Wendy

  4. He's very cute :) You have done a wonderful job on your Santa's.

    I have so many sewing plans, just never get them quite accomplished...

    Supper tonight was venison butterflies (back strap..whatever you call it) dipped in egg and then flour and cooked in butter! Very healthy for you! LOL Then we had homemade mac and cheese and green beans :)

    Hope you have a great night :)


  5. Mmmm! Beef stew and biscuits sounds so yummy!
    I would tell you what we had, but then it would ruin tomorrow's post...so stop by tomorrow and see...it is so yummy!
    Your santas look great! You have been a very busy girl!

  6. Oh I love him...but I love the black santas...they are just so primitive!

  7. He is just too cute! We had left over beef stew,too!

  8. Love both of your Santa's!
    I was reading your last post and had to giggle...my little Yorkie does the same thing when I leave the room. I put a small picket fence around my Christmas tree to help keep her out of the ornies. So far so good!!

  9. Kim they both look great. You are on a roll.

    For supper last night, since Im posting on Friday morning, we had fried tenderloin with creamed potatoes and gravy and turnip greens... yum!!!

  10. I haven't even begun with decorating or all the crafts I would like to do. Just trying to keep up with the farm work.
    My dinner last night was baked sweet potato, green beans and baked ham, which I had alone as my husband was eating bulgogi, rice, and kimchee at the USO in Camp Casey, Korea. (He's not a soldier, anymore - just an elderly contractor soldier-trainer).

  11. Hi,
    I'd love to join you for tea. Love your blog and your Santa's are just darling. You are so tallented! I'm Kathy from Kathysfunnyfarm.blogspot.com. I'm new at blogging and so trilled to find so many wonderful people with my same intrest. Come visit me too.

  12. Truly works of art. You inspire me to do these...when I get the nerve.
    I always enjoy visiting...