Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working on decorating.....

Still working on a bedroom redo and now decorating for Christmas..
Will get some pics on here in the next couple days.
Be back soon,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful or Thankless

Are you Thankful or Thankless?

Are you Thankful for-
a warm bed
a home
food in the refrig.
clean clothes
washer/dryer in your own home
a vehicle
fresh water
bath tub or shower
fresh air
freedom to go where we wish
police and fireman to keep us safe


Are you Thank-less-

complain about the lines
never bother to speak or smile at others
forget to say thank you to the cashier
gripe about the weather
envy your friends
cut off people for parking
bypass the bell ringers in front of the stores
grumble at the family

Take some time this holiday weekend to be THANKFUL for what life has given you.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Up

The days till Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting fewer and fewer.
My projects list seems to be getting longer.

The DONE list-

Bedroom painted
New living room suit( actually its exactly like the one I had, got it brand new with tags- $50.00!!) I will tell you about that in another post.
Bought bedroom carpet( I love Ollie's Bargain Barn!)
Cleaned out truck
Found a home for one kitten
Washed curtains
Bought a turkey

TO DO list-

Stain new baseboard trim
Install carpet(and baseboard)
Paint the bed frame( or find something else)
Hang curtains
Clean living room carpet( got to be done before the tree goes up)
Put up Christmas tree
Go watch the courthouse light show

Find night stands
Decide on what to hang on the walls in the bedroom
Cook a turkey
Clean out the truck again( it will need it in another week)
Buy Christmas cards

I am getting tired just reading the lists.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picking YOUR Brain.....

There are a few things I have been looking for and thought I would ask you all where to find them ( and at a decent price).

Where can I find-

1. burlap ribbon

2. FOUND-plate hangers( the metal ones, I think they have a spring on them for different size plates) I got four white ones at a thrift store today for 25 cents each.

3. wicker baskets

4. bedside table/nightstands ideas . seen anything out there thats DIY? or a re-do?

5. lightweight comforter (I am loving this one from Pottery Barn, but ouch!! the price!
Seen anything real close? This one is no longer available, seen one similar?

6. great drinking glasses - These are all great( from Pier ONe). Do you know of any place that has something similar?

Now, that you have helped me do some shopping.... :)
Thank You!!

On to other stuff.

I am saving some money to get a camera (and Black Friday is getting closer) so hopefully I can find a great deal on one. I miss posting pics and we are doing a bedroom remodel!!

Funky Junk Interiors has some great blog tips posted you ought to check out. I think my blog is now more visitor friendly.
I know I was guilty of a few of them. and there are probably some tips on there that you may want to use too..
Just saying.................. :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Current News @ Simple Needs

The carved pumpkins and anything else Halloween-ish are gone from the yard. I plan on leaving the regular uncut pumpkins and scarecrow out at least another week or so.
We usually put the tree up after Thanksgiving.
I still need to steam clean carpets and paint the bedroom before that happens.
I feel a time crunch coming on. :)

Saturday, I made the Easy apple cake from over at Bakerella.

( picture is from bakerella!!)
OMG, it is so good!!
I love the recipes and ideas on her blog.

I am still on the hunt for a digital camera. It's not really in the budget right now but I feel lost without one. I am not only searching the store ads but also craigslist and the local classified ads.

A new thing for me today- I voted!!
Now I know I should have been voting but I haven't until now.
I even got the little sticker saying I voted.
This girl is proud of herself. :)

I volunteered to decorate a store window front in town!! I am excited!!
Last few days I have been searching for Christmas decorating ideas.

I didn't get the TV from Kmart. I am still mad at them. I have received 11 emails giving me 11 different phone numbers to call. The last one I received was yesterday. It said the promo ocde expired as of 10/31/2010.
I give up!