Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Current News @ Simple Needs

The carved pumpkins and anything else Halloween-ish are gone from the yard. I plan on leaving the regular uncut pumpkins and scarecrow out at least another week or so.
We usually put the tree up after Thanksgiving.
I still need to steam clean carpets and paint the bedroom before that happens.
I feel a time crunch coming on. :)

Saturday, I made the Easy apple cake from over at Bakerella.

( picture is from bakerella!!)
OMG, it is so good!!
I love the recipes and ideas on her blog.

I am still on the hunt for a digital camera. It's not really in the budget right now but I feel lost without one. I am not only searching the store ads but also craigslist and the local classified ads.

A new thing for me today- I voted!!
Now I know I should have been voting but I haven't until now.
I even got the little sticker saying I voted.
This girl is proud of herself. :)

I volunteered to decorate a store window front in town!! I am excited!!
Last few days I have been searching for Christmas decorating ideas.

I didn't get the TV from Kmart. I am still mad at them. I have received 11 emails giving me 11 different phone numbers to call. The last one I received was yesterday. It said the promo ocde expired as of 10/31/2010.
I give up!

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  1. That cake looks delicious! I'm off to check out the recipe!