Monday, November 30, 2009

Can I make a request?

Good morning all,
Can I make a request?

I love looking at all the great pics that everyone posts, but one thing has been bugging me.

Could you PLEASE not put the name of your blog across OR in your photos?

I understand the feelings of they are "your photos" but its really distracting. I am assuming that it's done for copyright issues but the words can be "erased" by anyone with photo editing/airbrushing skills.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad , if you could enlarge the pic and therefore the things in the pic would stand out more than the blog name. Since most of us post a bunch of pictures in one post , they can't be "clicked on" to make them any larger than what they are.
I do have vision problems and try to enlarge the images to really see all your great goodies,beyond the name, without any luck.
I find it mostly on the primitive decor blogs. Martha Stewart doesn't even do it and she is famous :)
Maybe it's just me that feels that way, I don't know.
You can holler at me if you disagree , its okay. :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Thankful than You think....

Hoping it was a great day for everyone.
We had dinner twice today and brought home some leftovers. :)
I have been ready for bed for at least an hour now. lol

I want to leave you with this.............please feel free to pass it on to those that may grumble about what they have to be thankful for.....

I am thankful

For the wife
Who says it's hot dogs tonight
Because she is home with me
And not out with someone else.

For the husband
Who is on the sofa
Being a couch potato
Because he is home with me
And not out at the bars.

For the teenager
Who is complaining about doing dishes
Because it means she is at home,
Not on the streets.

For the taxes I pay
Because it means
I am employed.

For the mess to clean after a party
Because it means I have
Been surrounded by friends

For the clothes that fit a little too snug
Because it means
I have enough to eat.

For my shadow that watches me work
Because it means
I am out in the sunshine.

For a lawn that needs mowing,
Windows that need cleaning,
And gutters that need fixing
Because it means I have a home.

For all the complaining
I hear about the government
Because it means
We have freedom of speech.

For the parking spot
I find at the far end of the parking lot
Because it means
I am capable of walking,
And I have been blessed with transportation.

For my huge heating bill
Because it means
I am warm.

For the lady behind me in church
Who sings off key
Because it means I can hear.

For the pile of laundry and ironing
Because it means
I have clothes to wear.

For weariness and aching muscles
At the end of the day
Because it means I have been
Capable of working.

For the alarm that goes off
In the early morning hours
Because it means
I am alive.

And finally, for too much e-mail
Because it means
I have friend who is thinking of me.

by Annick Morris

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pre-Thanksgiving Day

Good Morning,

I have been busy finishing up some swap projects and cleaning. Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am looking forward to a great day with family BUT, I am sooo ready for Saturday to get here. We are getting our new flooring that day!! It has been a long time coming!

I changed out the curtains in my living room; still not sure if I want to keep them as they are. Definitely a more simple look though.

Anyone going shopping on Friday? We are not. Its too crazy to be at the stores that day.

Speaking of swaps, make sure you check out Char's blog, The Pickled Pepper Patch. She posted a pic of the ornie that I sent her from the Christmas ornie swap at "primitive & rustic" group/Delphi forums. It is my first pattern. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Geez, I have missed a week??!!

I cannot believe it has been almost a week since I last posted??!! Where did the time go??
I have been steadily working on swap goodies and something for my sister, Karla's birthday.
We are waiting to hear when the flooring will be in for the kitchen. I know i promised many weeks ago to post pics but I want it to look nice first. That way you can see the before's and after's.
I am truely grateful to my sister and my SO for making this all come together. :)

We still want to steam clean the carpets before putting up the christmas tree.

Karla and I are planning on volunteering at the Kennedy Stone House holiday tour the weekend of Thanksgiving. This will be the last weekend the Stone House will be open for viewing till next Spring. The holiday tour is such an awesome event. There are musicians, era inpsired tour guides, spiced cider and cookies to snack on while you take in the scenery and atmosphere. :)

Here are the images from the 2008 tour.

Kennedy Stone House Museum 2008

By all means if you are in the area, please stop by.

The weather here has turned cooler and more Fall like overnight. The last few days here in Ohio we have enjoyed the warmer sunny days and did some outdoors clean up. All the pumpkins have been saved for seeds or thrown away. these warmer than usual days made them spoil sooner. The ones we saved seeds from were the ones that were unique; the green/blue ones, white ones and the very cool super bumpy orange ones. The storage building is cleaned out and Christmas decorating goodies are closer to the front. I am setting here drinking coffee with Caramel Macchiato creamer and listening to the sound of rain outside.
It's going to be a great day to sew. :)

What am I thankful for? Being alive.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thankful for .........

I am thankful for- a sewing machine and my glasses. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, I was in a slump......

Okay, I was in a slump. I feel better now.
I haven't posted things I am thankful for since Saturday. Geez, I know I was feeling bad.
I did get some pictures and am working on projects.
Last night, I stayed up till midnite. The cookie jar is now full of choc. chip cookies, I made jello w/ fruit and a chocolate and peanut butter dessert mix. Laundry got done and put away.
I love cleaning, it helps me destress , never mind the fact that that it smells so good in here. :)
I want to say thanks for all the emails and comments that I received. :)
So back to "what am I thankful for"

What am I thankful for- clean clothes, a wonderful family and the little candle flickering in the window; it welcomes me home in the dark. :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good news & not so good news

Hi all,
Well, I found some flooring today and its affordable. Thats the "good news"!!!

The "not so good news" is that my SO received news yesterday that he is officially laid off. :(
This is not the thing we wanted to hear- heck, no one wants to hear that. Sales are down and he is/was the warehouse /dock guy, so they decided to make the cut there.

We are both really bummed out about it. I know there are 1000's of people all over the country that are dealing with their own lay-offs.
I heard yesterday on the TV news( about an hour before he got the news) that the country's unemployment rate is at its highest in over 26 years.

(President Obama , where are the changes you promised us? I hope that these economic times aren't it.)

I dont have a big home with a big payment to go with it.thank goodness!!
I drive an old 1993 explorer with peeling paint, BUT its paid for.
I can't begin to even imagine those that have lost home, vehicle and other things.
I know we will get through this. We have been down before and came back for another day. :)
If it wasn't for the fact that weeks ago we already tore up the old flooring , I sure wouldn't be buying any new.

I did go to the store and pick up some batteries. Hopefully, in the next couple days I will have some great pics to share. Plus, I am working on some super duper goodies for some swaps. :)

We are having BLT's for supper. What did you fix?

Oh, what am I thankful for? A cozy little home WITHOUT a payment, a good head on my shoulders and blogging friends to talk to. :).

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Morning Thoughts

Good morning all,
The weather is beautiful outside , I don't mind the coolness at all.
It's great sweatshirt weather. :)
I forgot to post what I was thanful for last night. so I will do it now,
I am thankful for cell phones and quick communications these days.
My oldest daughter is at Ft. Hood with her fiance'. They are safe.
My sincere sympathy goes out to those who lost family members in the shooting tragedy, May God be with them at this time.

Today, I need to do a little cleaning and run some errands. One of the errands is new batteries for the camera, its been forever it seems since I posted pics. We got the top of the island laminated and I want to get pics of it.
This weekend we are hoping to shop for flooring,
Anyone finished Christmas shopping yet??
Don't groan or throw things at me, I was just inquiring. :)

Be back soon, me

ps. Today's "What I am thanful for"- the microwave; to heat up my leftover spaghetti (for breakfast).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

posting late today

Just on before going to bed.
What am I thankful for- a nice clean bed to fall asleep in.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Update on Shane

Just on for a minute . Wanted to let you know that Leslie said that Shane had to have an emergency appendectomy on Sunday. They will be at the hospital maybe a few days.
What do you all think about sending him a card?
Let me know what you think. :)

What I am thankful for- the internet, to stay connected to friends. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday's thankful post

What I am thankful for today............

A warm home to come home to.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Keep Leslie@My CountryHome in your thoughts

Please keep Leslie @ My Country Home in your thoughts. Her son Shane, had to have emergency surgery today.

A great way to start November

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day. The weather outside is gorgeous and about 52 degrees.

We are working on our kitchen island/eating area; still need to go look as some more places for flooring. What are you doing today?

What am I thankful for today?
hot coffee on chilly mornings