Monday, November 30, 2009

Can I make a request?

Good morning all,
Can I make a request?

I love looking at all the great pics that everyone posts, but one thing has been bugging me.

Could you PLEASE not put the name of your blog across OR in your photos?

I understand the feelings of they are "your photos" but its really distracting. I am assuming that it's done for copyright issues but the words can be "erased" by anyone with photo editing/airbrushing skills.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad , if you could enlarge the pic and therefore the things in the pic would stand out more than the blog name. Since most of us post a bunch of pictures in one post , they can't be "clicked on" to make them any larger than what they are.
I do have vision problems and try to enlarge the images to really see all your great goodies,beyond the name, without any luck.
I find it mostly on the primitive decor blogs. Martha Stewart doesn't even do it and she is famous :)
Maybe it's just me that feels that way, I don't know.
You can holler at me if you disagree , its okay. :)


  1. I certainly don't blame you for requesting this.

    However, personally, I've never run across anyone who does this on their blog.

    I am with you, I enlarge photos to see what they contain. Mine are able to be enlarged when you click on them with no problems.


  2. lol i agree. it is distracting and takes away from the actual photo. you don't have to worry about mine, they won't have that. even if i liked it, i'm too lazy to do it, LOL.

  3. Most people do this beacuse others have been copying photos and or passing them off or using them as their own. People also do this with family photos in hopes no one takes pictures of their families and use them for questionable photos ( a terrible case like this was just on tv). So, while i understand, I also believe in making it harder for someone to do this, even if they can cut off the names....maybe it will be a deterant.

  4. yes...I hate that too!

    anyways, I never got your addy so I can send you the sign you won...can you resend it?...thanks,char

  5. I have my blog name on my pictures and just went back to my blog to see it they would still enlarge since I started using live writer, they still enlarge and the writing doesnt'interfer at all. I do it because I like the look it gives the pictures and I also love using live writer. Hope this helped you some:)

  6. Kim,
    It's a Live Writer thing....I noticed it started popping up a lot lately and it's spreading! lol In some cases, I think I understand, like craft photos and such because I have heard of people stealing your idea and your photo and using it. I remember someone having issues with this at PM years ago...they found their very photo on ebay. But if I'm snapping photos of my house....if someone wants to pretend it's their house, that's THEIR issue! Because it would be obvious if you went to their house that it isn't! LOL

    I haven't tried Live Writer and I probably won't, because while it's nice to be able to personalize your blog, I have found that anyone who is using it now has a VERY slow loading blog for me. I'm having a lot of issues since people started switching....

    Love the kitchen re-do, too! Great work! I bet you're so happy that that is done!


  7. I so agree...I think it really takes away from the photos....I also find all the fancy fonts hard to read sometimes. Beth