Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Okay, I was in a slump......

Okay, I was in a slump. I feel better now.
I haven't posted things I am thankful for since Saturday. Geez, I know I was feeling bad.
I did get some pictures and am working on projects.
Last night, I stayed up till midnite. The cookie jar is now full of choc. chip cookies, I made jello w/ fruit and a chocolate and peanut butter dessert mix. Laundry got done and put away.
I love cleaning, it helps me destress , never mind the fact that that it smells so good in here. :)
I want to say thanks for all the emails and comments that I received. :)
So back to "what am I thankful for"

What am I thankful for- clean clothes, a wonderful family and the little candle flickering in the window; it welcomes me home in the dark. :)


  1. Sounds good to me! I am having
    trouble on deciding on your swaps!
    My husband says if I was a horse
    between two haystacks, I would
    probably starve to death before I
    decided! LOL Have a great evening!

    Bear Hugs~Karen

  2. I am very glad you're feeling better! :) Like you, I love the feel of a clean house - and that happened far too infrequently while I was in school! I am remedying that on my weekends off now that I don't have to spend the time studying!

  3. those are good things to be thankful for! i too de-stress with cleaning, lol :)

  4. I too clean to destress...Cluttered house Cluttered Mind!
    I love the sound of all the baking you are /have done!

  5. Glad your feeling better.

    First visit to your blog, enjoyed my stay.