Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THis & That TUesday

Good morning,
I am up and having coffee while watching the Today show.
My plans for today are to work on a stitchery, watch the movie, "Cadillac Records" and stay at home. :)
I love movies about the past so I am hoping this is a good one. Last night while running to the store I picked it up. Redbox offers free codes a couple days a week. so, as long as I have this movie back before 9pm tonight, it will be free. ( and free is always a good thing to me!)

I wanted to show you a few things.........
let's do a "THIS & THAT" post.......

THIS is my really simple tablescape. :) I look at all these wonderfully set tables on Tuesdays Tablescapes in blogland and I am seriously envious. There are so many ladies out there that I would consider it a treat to just sit at their table; let alone actually eat off the dishes. lol
The trio of items are all thrift store finds.
bunny $1.49
wire basket with eggs 99 cents
cutter 95 cents

If you want to see some blogs with "Tuesday Tablecapes" type it into google search engine and then click on blogs. They are just amazing!!

THAT is the awesome cake I made over the weekend. I am telling you, it is SO GOOD!! I sent my dad over 3 pieces and he ate it all. I didn't tell him what all was in it. teehee

Do you want to know the recipe? Well, head over to Ree's blog. not only does she have awesome recipes but her photos are amazing!! I want the pantry in her home. :)

THIS is a stack of pages that I tore out of magazines. lol I plan on putting them into a 3 ring binder. They are pictures of ides that I really like and keep going back to for inspiration. I just cant see keeping a whole bunch of magazines with ads and such when I just want a few pages.

THAT is another garden idea that I love. Geez, I want that window planter!!

THIS is a cute way to display bib overalls. :)!!

Thanks Barbara!!
I see these all the time at our local thrift store in the 79 cents bin. of course, you would still have to "prim" them up a little. :)
I think they would look cute outside on a fence with maybe a vine or something coming from a pocket.
See ya later,

Sunday, March 29, 2009

SUnday Evening at HOme.....

My plans were to post earlier today but I ended up busier than what I thought. :)
I did make a big pot of Chili and a wonderful cake( which I will post a pic of tomorrow.)
Even though our weather has been cold, windy, and rainy; I won't complain. There are others , like in Fargo, North Dakota, dealing with tremendous floods.

Over the last couple weeks I have been scanning the garden catalogs for ideas.
We are going to try and plant more veggies and herbs in our small space. The more we can grow ourselves the less money we put out at the grocery stores. One of my favorite herbs last summer, was Lemon Balm. Let me tell ya, it makes wonderful iced tea.

Here are a few pics I found online that give me inspiration.

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

2ND post and ONe Awesome GIveaway.....

I know I said I would be back tomorrow but I HAD to come back and tell you about an awesome giveaway that's going on.
Exhibitors Mall is having a giveaway!!
Come check it out!

HAppy Saturday & A COuple Questions

Well, I am hoping it's a happy Saturday for ya. lol
The weather outside is dreary right now. We haven't decided what to do today.
Actually, what I would like to do is prep the bedroom for some new paint. I am not for sure if that will happen today or not. lol

While I got you on here, I got some questions.......
1.Who has the silicone flicker bulbs at an AFFORDABLE PRICE? My flickers stopped flickering a couple days ago.
I just need a couple(well, maybe 3 or 4) and oh, I don't want the orange colored ones.
Who do you buy from?

2.What do you do with your dish soap? I mean do you keep it under the counter or do you have it in something prim? I do dishes frequently during the day. I am almost compulsive over it, Seriously!
So, I would like to keep it out( maybe) if I had somethig to put it on. I know you can get the mason jars with the pump on them, but I am like alot of others out there and am trying to save money/scrimp as much as possible;. that's why we shop the thrift stores.
Anyone have any good "redo" ideas?
I had these saved in my faves. if it's your idea, please let me know- I will ya credit. :)

an olive oil bottle

hand soap bottle with labels peeled off and craft rub-ons added.

gallon jar- i think it looks great with the wood scoop for powdered soap
What about those huge bottles of laundry detergent? How do you hide them?

3.Do you leave your ornie tree up all year? I am right now, but I know some don't. What is your opinion?

One more question and I will let you go........... teehee :)

4.How in the world do they get all those cool goodies underneath of the cloches and get them to stay upright till its covered?

See ya tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

W.W.W- My Intentions Were..........

My intentions were to make at least one of these finds my "Whatcha Working on Wednesday" project. but, right now its raining.. what a bummer!!

Can someone call Home Depot?
I think they are missing some of their orange paint. :)
I found this very cool wood cupboard at the Goodwill Warehouse. It is definitely getting painted something else. lol
The best part was they had just moved it over to the 99 cents area!! Yea for me!!!
Maybe use it to stash fabric or sewing notions in? What would you do with it?
(The cat is mine, she didn't come from the warehouse) :)

Another great place to search for goodies to "redo" is Freecycle.
I responded to an offer and got both of these old rockers.
The armless one I am definitely keeping for me. I can't wait to get it painted up! :)

The other free rocker.
Anyone else looking for a rocker?
Stop over by Leslie's and see what everyone else is working on. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

GOod Monday MOrning..........

Good morning everyone,
How was your weekend?

I have to say we were pretty busy after all. :)
Saturday was spent at my dad's steam cleaning carpets and furniture. Things do look a whole lot better. ;)
While picking up the steam cleaner at Orme's( a little hardware store, that's a favorite), I ran into my cousin, Tammy.
She is participating in a craft show at the local hospital this coming Friday- show will start at 7am! I am really going to try to be up, look presentable and get there!! Someone remind me to take the camera and I will post some pics for you.:)
Tammy is a really great crafter and comes up with some awesome stitcheries. She makes all her own frames and loves primitives( probably why she is my favorite cousin) teehee...shhhhh....
Anyways, I thought I would post some pics showing some of her work.

I think she does an awesome job, what about you?? :)

I also think she needs a blog. Don't ya think?

I picked up some seeds while at the hardware store. I got bushel gourd, apple gourd and gayfeather. Gayfeather wasn't the one I really wanted. I think I had a dizzy moment. lol

Gayfeather doesn't bloom the first year and being the impatient person ( when it comes to things growing) this one isn't really for me. BUT, I am dying to have some of the apple gourds and bushel gourds to display, have you seen them? I will post a pic in the sidebar.

Remember me telling you about getting a rocker and that I wanted to use it outside?? Well, this is an idea that I found online( thank goodness for the internet). no, this is not my chair but I want to do one similar( 'cept probably not yellow, :))

At first look, I was wondering why it was setting on pavers and then I had an a light bulb click on in my head! It's to keep the wood from rotting. Pretty clever !! That is something I worry about with old wood stuff .

So, how was your weekend??

Friday, March 20, 2009

Plans For the WEekend

It's Friday!!
Thank goodness that the weekend is almost here. :)
Actually, I don't have anything planned but the last few days have been crazy.
Be back soon,
p.s. all giveaway goodies are in the mail. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

W.W.W.- STitching, Tweaking & THrifting........

Good morning,
I thought I better get on and post some pics before cleaning house and running errands. :)
This is the stitchery that I did from Primitivebettys .
I think I am keeping this one and making another for a friend. :)

Yesterday, I did some tweaking( just a little bit) and put out some Easter goodies.
The tree does have redware eggs on it, though they are difficult to see in the pic. There is also fabric eggs with printed images on them under the tree. Under the cloche I added some brown package filler and a few more wood eggs.

This is a few goodies I picked up yesterday at the thrift store( excuse the messy table.)

My finds include three wood yardsticks. I know they are old , instead of having a whole phone number on them it says, "phone 37", "phone 12" and the last one doesn't have a number at all.
The yardsticks were 49 cents each, the wood rolling pin (and I really don't need another) was 69 cents, the wood fold up ruler was a whopping 99 cents. :)
Someone had posted on their blog that these were now a collectors item.
I can remember playing with them in my grandpa's garage when we were little. :)
In the upper right corner is a set of alphabet stamps, they were 69 cents; the Joanne fabrics sticker is still on them and they have never been used. :)
My biggest find was this rocker. I paid a whopping $4.99 for it. I haven't decided if I want to use it in the house or take the webbing off the bottom and insert some chicken wire. Why chicken wire? Cause I think it would make a great planter. :)
So, "Whatcha Working on Wednesday"?
Stop over by Leslie's and see what everyone is up to!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I Say We Knock their SOcks off....

I say we knock their socks off with some PRIM GOODIES!
Come on girls, let's enter something. :)

Plaid is celebrating the arrival of spring with a contest! Here's your chance to show your stuff and win great prizes! Entering is easy, just send us a photo of your best craft project (created by you) that uses Mod Podge and is inspired by spring.You will get a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes:
Grand Prize: $75 worth of products from Plaid; you and your work featured on Plaidonline.com Second Place Prize: $50 worth of products from Plaid
Third Place Prize: (2) $25 worth of products from Plaid
To Enter:
Submit your favorite craft project. Projects should be inspired by spring, use a spring color palette or have a spring theme.
Projects must use Mod Podge
Projects must be created and owned by you.
Email a photo of your project to http://us.mc333.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=promotions@plaidonline.com along with the following information




Project Description:

Products Used:
What are your crafting plans for the summer and the
Original reason you created this project (specifically for this contest, gift-giving, home decor, etc.)
Entries will be judged by a panel of judges on originality, creativity and use of product.
You may be asked to provide project instructions and/or send actual project by mail if selected.Contest Dates: March 19 through April 2;
Winner Selected : April 9

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SUnday Evening ........

I can't believe that the weekend is over already. Geez, time flies these days.
I can say that I am glad that the weekend weather was pretty mild.
We didn't do a whole lot the last couple days. I ran to the store and picked up a few staples.
Last night, I couldn't sleep at all. I finally fell into bed at about 4am. That was after a hot shower and warm milk. :)

I did do a little "tweaking" as everyone calls it. :) I will have more pics for you in the next few days.

This is a couple pics of the new furniture that we got last weekend. I know,I know, the lighting is bad.... my batteries were going dead( again) so I was doing this by natural light.

See the cat on the couch? He is an accessory... :) Actually, he spends more time on the couch than I do. lol
The pillows on the sofa and chair are not the original ones I wanted. The others that I had taken a picture of , were too big once they were in place. Ya know how things look smaller in the store? Well, those pillows sure did!!! lol.

The chair is actually a "chair and a half" . OMG, it is sooo cozy and comfortable! As you can see the laptop is already made it's place on the arm. :)

Now, on to important stuff..... a thrift store redo!! :)

I found this rabbit($1.00) a couple days ago. Well, he was way too cutesy for me! Notice the little heart on his foot? BLAGHHH!!! And the old raffia- can I say "GROSS??!!

Now, please meet "Mr. Chocolate Bunny" . I really like the simple look.
I painted him nutmeg brown, made the hangtag and gave him back his carrot. He needs the carrot , cause he is going to be hanging on the door for at least a month. teehee

Do you think the hangtag looks okay? It is just a very prim tag by 7gypsies that I glued Scrabble letters to.

I am obssesed with things made from Scrabble letters. :). that, and the brown earrings from Penniwig. :) . I love those earrings!!

See ya tomorrow,


Friday, March 13, 2009

ANd The Winners Are.........

The winners of my Easter basket challenge giveaway are.........

the "Gardeners Gathering" goes to ............................................... Terri @ http://clayhillfarm.blogspot.com/

"A Sewer's Sampling" winner is..................Leslie @

"A love of Primitives Collection" winner is................. Christine @ http://sticksstitchesnboards.blogspot.com/

girls, email me your addys!!! :)

ARe You SIgned Up?

Good Morning everyone!

Just a reminder , today will be the drawing for the EASTER BASKET CHALLENGE goodies that I made.

Rules are- you must be on my followers list (OR have me on your blog roll) AND post a comment HERE

Thursday, March 12, 2009

THursday's This & ThAt

THIS is a clean room.... cleaner than it was yesterday...lol

Remind me NOT to buy anymore stuffing for a while. There is at least 8 bags stuffed into the clear plastic bag.. PLUS, I have more in a plastic tote in the storage building. The room is getting painted sometime soon. That was the color that my oldest daughter had painted it a couple years ago. totally not a neutral. :)

THIS is my threads and other notions that needs cleaned out.

I have a little bit of everything in there. I promise to work on it before the weekend.

THAT is the two thrift store finds I got while I was supposed to be getting subs last night. sshhhh....I didn't tell anyone that I slipped in there for a look around.

The bread box is large (and heavy!) and was $3.99. The pic was $1.99.

Is there a "Thrift Store Anonymous" group?
I think I need it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I made it out!!

I made it out girls! whew!!
Went and picked up turkey subs at Sheetz for supper.
I will post pics in the morning. :)

W.W.W.- Pillow Covers & A MEssy Room

hi all, i am just taking a break and thought i would post real quick. excuse any typos; pretty please??!!

these ar ethe pillows that i bought to use. ugly colors i know.. they are getting covered.

see the tail sticking out? thats "tater tot". he thinks this is a new bed. :)

i wish i could sleep like that . lol

i picked out some navy blue duck canvas.i needed something rugged with the dog and cats and its on sale at 50% off at walmart. this is the last week of sales in the "cut by the yard" fabrics here in town.it is sad to see it go..........

now, before you scroll on. be warned. this is the room i am going to tackle today........ i seriously need to have a yard sale soon.....lol

wish me luck..... if i am not out by morning, please send in the rangers. :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Do YOu Have ONE of THese?

I have a question, do you have one of these? I was wondering...... I do alot of that..lol.....
if we could "redo" them a little?
I want to put one in my living room, on the barnwood shelf, or on the tv armoire. They just don't look right, being all new and everything. Ayone got any suggestions of how to age them? Have you tried changing them? I don't want to just add a piece of homespun.......
maybe a label? or printed velium?
It has got to be something so you can still see the flicker through.
I love these candles because you can change the scents with different refills..
I just want a different look. :)
You don't have one? You can get a $3.00 off coupon HERE .
The flameless candles are $4.97 at Walmart- after coupon your cost would be $1.97. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

WEekend HaPpenings :)

So, how was YOUR weekend? :)
Saturday we went shopping for a new sofa and chair. Of course, I got to stop at a couple thrift stores too.

I found three table runners. the yellow one and the one on the left( that the bowls are sitting on) were only 90 cents each. I left the price tags on so you could see too. The one to the right, under the rolling pin was 2.99.
the rest of the items were priced at:
rolling pin 69 cents
brown enamelware cup 49 cents
small brown crock 49 cents
vintage rabbit 1.50
new pack of dishcloths 1.49
two vintage striped bowls 40 cents each
new box of microscope slides 69 cents( for making ornies and maybe other projects)
last but not least a small alphabet cross stitchery 69 cents.

I also got a pair of khaki capris but I didn't figure those were important to photograph. lol
I was very pleased with all my goodies, especially since there isn't usually much to pick from on the weekends.
We did find a new sofa and an over sized chair. I need to get a couple throw pillows before I post a pic. It just doesn't look pulled together to me- or maybe I will grab a pic tomorrow and get your suggestions. We also rented a "rug doctor" and steam cleaned carpets until 11:00 pm on Saturday night.

Today was my dad's 70th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!
Check out this pic. It was an actually photo of him from the service. This was taken with Diamond Head in the background. photo was dated, "July 10, 1960".

He was soo suprised to see it on the cake. He remembered it being taken, but my mom ( and his ex wife) had it in a bunch of photos that she had given me.

This is my dad, check out the "stylish gotee" he is growing. I told him he looks hip. :)

for lunch( before the cake, of course) we had mexican. It is one of my dad's favorites.

We had chicken enchilados, tacos( w/homemade shells) , con queso( with bacon), spanish rice and iced tea. Stuffed we all were, let me tell ya!!!

This is us, the kids, with dad. :)

down front: dad(ken), kevin( my brother)
back row:the girls- kelly( sister), me(kim), karla( sister)

It was a great day, a great weekend with beautiful weather.

Friday, March 6, 2009

EAster BasKet CHallenge

Good Friday morning everyone,
It's Friday; aren't you excited? lol

I am participating in a EASTER BASKET CHALLENGE over at GEN'S. I put these three little "baskets" together.
** Gen is sick and won't be posting Mr. Linky till 3/13. I am going to go ahead and post my baskets because I want to give them away in time for Easter.
(keep reading)

All three containers are thrift store finds. It just goes to show you that you can use anything for a basket. :)

"Gardeners Gathering"

To this basket "aka" a wood handled planter, I have added a pair of vintage print gloves, hand cloth( ya know you get dirty hands from working in the dirt ;)), a small spade, "gardening angel on duty" yard sign, some local newspaper from my hometown( great for keeping out the weeds)and a pack of celery scented tarts. The tarts have a very clean summery smell to them. and of course, a few chocolate Easter eggs, it takes energy to garden. lol

"A Sewer's Sampling"

This little container is a saltbox coffee mug. In it you will get a sampling of sewing goods. There is

a scrap of black wool, cream colored flannel, tan and black checked fabric, tea stained cheesecloth, black and tan checked ribbon, mini grubby hang tags, three wooden buttons, and a few rusty pins. :) And, of course some chocolate Easter eggs. It takes energy to sew. :)

"A love of Primitives Collection"

You will get this cute band box, a handmade heart, vintage bingo cards, jar labels( one says "sewing notions" the other "soap"), a crow mini plaque, grubby hang tags from seven gypsies,, a strand of ten lights on brown cord,some vintage clothespins,bar of fels naptha soap and of course, some chocolate Easter eggs, cause prim lovers need energy to decorate.

Have you noticed the need for chocolate thingy going on here?? lol

Anyways, here is the "catch" on winning one of these great goodies.


It's as simple as that. :)

You don't have to pass this on using your own blog at all. I have decided that giving away goodies to only those that follow my blog is a good thing. I want them to get the goods. lol

I am going to be doing more giveaways like this, That's a hint to get on as a follower. lol.

Iwill pick the winners on March 13th. It may be a Friday the 13th but for 3 people, it's going to be a lucky day. :). MAKE SURE YOU STOP OVER AT GEN'S THAT DAY TO SEE THE OTHER BASKETS TOO. :)

Be back soon, Kim

Thursday, March 5, 2009

GEtting Ready for YArd Sale SEason....

I love shopping at yard sales; not only for the great bargains but just the thrill of the "hunt". :)

I posted a while back that I would make a list of some yard sale shopping tips ,

so here goes.......

1. wear comfortable clothes and shoes. don't wear sandals or flip flops. most sales are in the mornings and there is dew on the grass. you rolling across the yard because your feet slipped in wet shoes is not a pretty picture.

2. okay, #2 has to do with #1. never go to a yard sale in your finest duds or tons of jewelry. you are there to get a bargain. you don't want people just thinking you are a rich tightwad if you are bargaining.

3. don't worry about taking the mercedes out of the garage; drive your hoopty. :) hoopty means your old beater car or truck. I have had people show up in spanking, brand new vehicles and quibble over paying a $1.00 for an item. I figure it like this, if they can drive a brand new vehicle then they can pay the $1.00.

4. take change and lots of smaller bills. by smaller bills I mean one, fives, and tens. please dont go to a yard sale and spend 25 cents , then want to pay with a 20.00 bill. thats so uncouth. lol

5. also, put money in different pockets. I usually carry ones and fives( less than 10.00) in my right hand pants pocket, other bills on the left. that way if I am trying to bargain on an item. I can make it seem like I only have a few dollars left. teehee, it works!!!

6. have sunglasses , you will need them!

7. make a list of all yard sales you are interested in, I take the newspaper, scan the addys, then mark over the sale with a pencil or highlighter with a 1,2,3, etc. in the order of how I am going to them. this prevents you from running back and forth across town.

8. take a marker to mark through them as you have left the sale, it saves on being confused. :)

9. take water, coffee and something to snack on till you are done for the day. :) I usually take an apple, muffins, crackers, etc. you want to have energy all day; nothing like dealing with a cranky shopper at a sale.

10. take a friend yard saling? well, only if they do not like the same things as you do! seeing two ladies who showed up together aggaravated cause they both want the same thing is not a pretty picture either.

11. got a few things that you are looking for? make a list in a handy little notebook. look at it that morning or between sales if you have a far drive.

12. keep window measurements ( or any other measurements) on hand in case you find some great looking curtains or furniture pieces that may or may not fit.

13. small screwdriver and tape measures. you will need screwdriver to check battery compartments or to take legs off a bigger piece. tape measure to see if that perfect table matches up with your measurements( in your handy little notebook)

14. take a small box and some newspapers with you. the small box is for glassware or fragile items in ( or if you are like me , just cause things are little, I lose them. ) and the newspaper to act as padding or to wrap things in.

15. handi wipes are a good thing. you never know what kind of germs you can pick up. let me tell ya, I have went to some scurvy sales and found good stuff. thank goodness I had handi wipes in the vehicle!!

16. don't be an early bird. well, you can go early, wait in the car, unless you see someone else shopping, then RUN over there and check out the goods!!

17. seen something kinda high priced? you may want to make a note of it, especially if they won't bargain with you right then- it may be worth stopping back later in the day. if you make a map in a circle of your home, its easy to backtrack. :)

18. know your community! there is no point in looking for baby or kid stuff in a retirement area.

19. goes with #18... I usually find cool , vintage pieces in a retirement community. those little old ladies think that old scales, suitcases, emb. pillow cases are useless. I picked up vintage aprons for 25 cents each a few years ago. :)

20. don't rely on sizes in clothing. remember most items have been washed( and shrunk)!

21. always open containers. no matter what it says on the outside of the container, they may have used it for something else. you dont want to buy what you think is legos and get home to find hairbands or something else.

22. if you go to a "bag" sale( where everything is like a $1.00 a bag) . take the time to roll clothes OR fold. you will get more goodies in a bag.

23. take a cotton ball for running over the edges of glasses and other pieces. the cotton ball will "catch" on knicks that you might not see by looking.

24. back to battery operated things. always open the battery compartment to make sure it's not corroded.

25. take sticker prices off ASAP. the longer they are there the more stickiness they leave.

26. have a yard sale budget. ( I know that should have been #1)

27. there is nothing wrong with buying used clothes!! Some people turn their nose up at the thought of buying "used" clothing. Consider this: when you go to a hotel, you sleep and use towels that hundreds of other people have dried their naked bodies on etc etc. Even clothes and shoes that you buy brand new in stores may have been tried on by many others. get my point??!!

28. if you see something that you arent sure about, pick it up and carry it around while you continue to look. you will be glad you did.

29. look at things for their potential use. ex.- old boots make great planters, mason jars are great candle holders, etc

30. found something big and cant take it with your right then? make sure you get a receipt!! if it's a dresser or couch (with cushions), then take a drawer or cushion with you. that way no one comes in , offers more money and then all you get for the return trip is your money back. no one is going to offer money for a couch missing a cushion or a dresser minus one drawer. get what I am saying?

31. if you go to a sale and dont see anything you need then don't buy! if leaving a yard sale without buying , smile and politely say, "I dont see anything I need. I hope you have a great sale today".

32. leave animals and small kids at home. I know you are thinking , who would bring a dog. but I have seen it happen., I love dogs but not all people do. I sure don't want to be trying to shop with someones dog wrapped around my leg or licking me. YUK!

33. Park as close to the sale as possible - but not in or in front of anyone's driveway. Beware of fire hydrants and "no parking" signs. I've seen plenty of folks ticketed at tag sales. They're cash bonanzas for police departments.

34. Avoid the trap of unmarked items. The seller is looking for you to make an offer. Some sellers actually mark items as "make an offer." Never volunteer a price before the seller tells you their price. It often is less than you would have offered to begin with.

35. Keep in mind upcoming birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. You can often find very nice gifts at garage sales. They are especially good places to buy Christmas ornaments and decorations.

36.Keep in mind that it's so easy to resell items on eBay. If you see someone selling something you know is worth much more, consider buying it to resell. (that's what I did with the vintage aprons).

37. For sales that are being held on both Saturday and Sunday, go on Saturday — there’s not likely to be anything good left on Sunday, and the people holding the sale might be sick of it after the first day and not even have the sale on the second day. i love the ones that start on thursdays or fridays. most people are working these two days and that means more bargains for me!

38. yard sale day and its raining?? look for inside sales, garage sales, etc. some people won't bother going. that means another day of good baragins for me!! lol

39. look for plants and starters. I have got lots of things ( especially perennials) for less than $1.00 each at sales. it's a great, inexpensive way to add to your landscape.

40. take pictures of your goodies when you get home. we want to ooh and awe over your goodies with you!

I am so glad it's nearly yard sale time again! I'd love to hear your yard sale suggestions!