Sunday, March 8, 2009

WEekend HaPpenings :)

So, how was YOUR weekend? :)
Saturday we went shopping for a new sofa and chair. Of course, I got to stop at a couple thrift stores too.

I found three table runners. the yellow one and the one on the left( that the bowls are sitting on) were only 90 cents each. I left the price tags on so you could see too. The one to the right, under the rolling pin was 2.99.
the rest of the items were priced at:
rolling pin 69 cents
brown enamelware cup 49 cents
small brown crock 49 cents
vintage rabbit 1.50
new pack of dishcloths 1.49
two vintage striped bowls 40 cents each
new box of microscope slides 69 cents( for making ornies and maybe other projects)
last but not least a small alphabet cross stitchery 69 cents.

I also got a pair of khaki capris but I didn't figure those were important to photograph. lol
I was very pleased with all my goodies, especially since there isn't usually much to pick from on the weekends.
We did find a new sofa and an over sized chair. I need to get a couple throw pillows before I post a pic. It just doesn't look pulled together to me- or maybe I will grab a pic tomorrow and get your suggestions. We also rented a "rug doctor" and steam cleaned carpets until 11:00 pm on Saturday night.

Today was my dad's 70th birthday! Happy Birthday Dad!!
Check out this pic. It was an actually photo of him from the service. This was taken with Diamond Head in the background. photo was dated, "July 10, 1960".

He was soo suprised to see it on the cake. He remembered it being taken, but my mom ( and his ex wife) had it in a bunch of photos that she had given me.

This is my dad, check out the "stylish gotee" he is growing. I told him he looks hip. :)

for lunch( before the cake, of course) we had mexican. It is one of my dad's favorites.

We had chicken enchilados, tacos( w/homemade shells) , con queso( with bacon), spanish rice and iced tea. Stuffed we all were, let me tell ya!!!

This is us, the kids, with dad. :)

down front: dad(ken), kevin( my brother)
back row:the girls- kelly( sister), me(kim), karla( sister)

It was a great day, a great weekend with beautiful weather.


  1. Great finds...love the table runners.
    Happy Birthday to your dad!! The cake is wonderful love the old picture on it!

    Have a wonderful night!

  2. It looks like you did do great for a weekend at the TS. I am glad your Dad's birthday was a big success. I always love it when our family can get together for things like that.

    Have a good Monday!

  3. Love the thrift store finds!
    Cant wait to see your new furniture, tell dad Happy Birthday from the blogging world!

  4. Wow.. great finds at the TS.. you got some awesome stuff. Looks like you had a good weekend and your dad is too cute with the goatee...lol. Have a great day!


  5. I love to see all of your goodies. Happy birthday to your dad??

  6. Love your table runners, sure wish my thrift store had some good stuff, they have over priced junk. I can buy it cheaper in the dollar stores or wal-mart.

  7. Sounds like a great weekend :) You found some great goodies once again. Can't wait to see your new furniture. I know you have been wanting new for awhile now.

    Have a great day!


  8. Happy Birthday to your dad!!! You got some great goodies!! and I can't wait to see your new furniture!!! Have a great day!~Wendy

  9. You got some great goods at the TS love the runners at such good prices!
    Can't wait to see the new furniture!

  10. aww what a sweet birthday celebration! he looks great for 70!

  11. You find the best stuff! Hope your dad had a great birthday!