Sunday, March 15, 2009

SUnday Evening ........

I can't believe that the weekend is over already. Geez, time flies these days.
I can say that I am glad that the weekend weather was pretty mild.
We didn't do a whole lot the last couple days. I ran to the store and picked up a few staples.
Last night, I couldn't sleep at all. I finally fell into bed at about 4am. That was after a hot shower and warm milk. :)

I did do a little "tweaking" as everyone calls it. :) I will have more pics for you in the next few days.

This is a couple pics of the new furniture that we got last weekend. I know,I know, the lighting is bad.... my batteries were going dead( again) so I was doing this by natural light.

See the cat on the couch? He is an accessory... :) Actually, he spends more time on the couch than I do. lol
The pillows on the sofa and chair are not the original ones I wanted. The others that I had taken a picture of , were too big once they were in place. Ya know how things look smaller in the store? Well, those pillows sure did!!! lol.

The chair is actually a "chair and a half" . OMG, it is sooo cozy and comfortable! As you can see the laptop is already made it's place on the arm. :)

Now, on to important stuff..... a thrift store redo!! :)

I found this rabbit($1.00) a couple days ago. Well, he was way too cutesy for me! Notice the little heart on his foot? BLAGHHH!!! And the old raffia- can I say "GROSS??!!

Now, please meet "Mr. Chocolate Bunny" . I really like the simple look.
I painted him nutmeg brown, made the hangtag and gave him back his carrot. He needs the carrot , cause he is going to be hanging on the door for at least a month. teehee

Do you think the hangtag looks okay? It is just a very prim tag by 7gypsies that I glued Scrabble letters to.

I am obssesed with things made from Scrabble letters. :). that, and the brown earrings from Penniwig. :) . I love those earrings!!

See ya tomorrow,



  1. Your new furniture looks great! and i love the bunny makeover!

  2. That bunny is just amazing. Love the furniture also.

  3. Nice makeover of bunny and room.
    I too could'nt sleep must be something in the air.
    I could snuggle down now that I can't though

  4. The new furniture looks nice and comfy! I have two of those 'accessories' also. I love what you did to the bunny. He looks great.


  5. I would love to have a chair and a half! They are so dang comfortable, and just the right size to snuggle my little ones...I will be right over to borrow yours for the weekend!
    Your "Chocolate Bunny" turned out really nice...I would never have thought about placing it on the front door! Now I will have to look at other stuff at GW in a different way, because unless it was originally used on a door I have no clue.
    And my door looks so bare!

  6. Your chocolate bunny is very cute :) Love it!

    Your bunny reminds me of two that I keep seeing at the TS. They are unfinished bunnies that were meant to be painted but the person never got around to it. They want $5/ea for them so I won't buy them! That's pricey compared to other stuff! Never know...the price might come down, huH?

    Have a great day!


  7. I love the redo of the bunny and the scrabble letters!

    Your furniture looks just so nice how exciting huh?

    Have a great Monday,

  8. the bunny looks great! i love his brown color. the new furniture looks very comfy!

  9. I love the chocolate bunny- and I also have a baggie of scrabble letter waiting to be used! I am very careful and being extremely choosy about where I use them! lol You did great with yours :o)

  10. Of course the cat is an accessory! LOL! And the bunny is fab!