Thursday, March 12, 2009

THursday's This & ThAt

THIS is a clean room.... cleaner than it was yesterday...lol

Remind me NOT to buy anymore stuffing for a while. There is at least 8 bags stuffed into the clear plastic bag.. PLUS, I have more in a plastic tote in the storage building. The room is getting painted sometime soon. That was the color that my oldest daughter had painted it a couple years ago. totally not a neutral. :)

THIS is my threads and other notions that needs cleaned out.

I have a little bit of everything in there. I promise to work on it before the weekend.

THAT is the two thrift store finds I got while I was supposed to be getting subs last night. sshhhh....I didn't tell anyone that I slipped in there for a look around.

The bread box is large (and heavy!) and was $3.99. The pic was $1.99.

Is there a "Thrift Store Anonymous" group?
I think I need it.


  1. That's an Adorable sign, great find!

    Enjoy your Day!

  2. You surely cleaned that room up fast. Could you come over and help me with my garage? That is one thing I am doing today. Love the thrift store finds. I am hooked on thrifting too. I very seldom shop at retail stores. If you have patience what you need will show up at the thrift stores. I love it.

  3. I love that bread box!...have a great day!

  4. You were not supposed to buy anything!! LOL
    But oh well, thats what we do isn't it!!

  5. Wow! You got a lot accomplished yesterday, Kim! Great work :)

    I don't think the family can be upset with you after you did all of that work, managed to pick them up supper and found such awesome deals!

    I think many of us need "Thrift Store Addicts" help! LOL

    Have a great day :)


  6. the room looks like a room now, lol! that sign is great. let me know if you find that group, i should join too!

  7. I would say you head on tackled that room! WOW!! What great finds!

    Have a great day!

  8. If I had a thrift store around here with those great prices, I'd need an anonymous group too!
    Good buys!

  9. You got some great finds. You are still more organized that me.

  10. You always find the best stuff! I want to go shopping with you! :)

  11. Such a cute find!!!! Love it!!! I think I am going to have to start going to all these thrift shops that you ladies go to on these blogs! Find some fantastic things!