Tuesday, March 31, 2009

THis & That TUesday

Good morning,
I am up and having coffee while watching the Today show.
My plans for today are to work on a stitchery, watch the movie, "Cadillac Records" and stay at home. :)
I love movies about the past so I am hoping this is a good one. Last night while running to the store I picked it up. Redbox offers free codes a couple days a week. so, as long as I have this movie back before 9pm tonight, it will be free. ( and free is always a good thing to me!)

I wanted to show you a few things.........
let's do a "THIS & THAT" post.......

THIS is my really simple tablescape. :) I look at all these wonderfully set tables on Tuesdays Tablescapes in blogland and I am seriously envious. There are so many ladies out there that I would consider it a treat to just sit at their table; let alone actually eat off the dishes. lol
The trio of items are all thrift store finds.
bunny $1.49
wire basket with eggs 99 cents
cutter 95 cents

If you want to see some blogs with "Tuesday Tablecapes" type it into google search engine and then click on blogs. They are just amazing!!

THAT is the awesome cake I made over the weekend. I am telling you, it is SO GOOD!! I sent my dad over 3 pieces and he ate it all. I didn't tell him what all was in it. teehee

Do you want to know the recipe? Well, head over to Ree's blog. not only does she have awesome recipes but her photos are amazing!! I want the pantry in her home. :)

THIS is a stack of pages that I tore out of magazines. lol I plan on putting them into a 3 ring binder. They are pictures of ides that I really like and keep going back to for inspiration. I just cant see keeping a whole bunch of magazines with ads and such when I just want a few pages.

THAT is another garden idea that I love. Geez, I want that window planter!!

THIS is a cute way to display bib overalls. :)!!

Thanks Barbara!!
I see these all the time at our local thrift store in the 79 cents bin. of course, you would still have to "prim" them up a little. :)
I think they would look cute outside on a fence with maybe a vine or something coming from a pocket.
See ya later,


  1. Oh, I want windowboxes! I think they would look cute on my little house. Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to put them up.

  2. Love your post today. That window box is to die for and the idea for the bibs is one I may have to put in to effect this summer. Have a Great day!
    Hugs, Bren

  3. I love your this and that posts!
    I have read Ree's post in the past...my question to you is this...Do you really think that she has the time to read over 300 comments?
    Your table scape is gorgeous!

  4. I so look forward to you doing your this and that posts they are always so wonderful and full of great info.
    I do the same thing with my magazines. No sense in taking up room.
    The cake look yummy will go check that out and I love the window box such a cute idea!!
    I think your table scape is adorable!!!

    Have a great day!

  5. Your idea of pulling out the pages you want and putting them in a binder is pure genius!

    The little white bunny is just the right touch on yer table.

    Those overalls are cute, and maybe they could double as some sort of scarecrows!

    BTW, dearie, "When is a door not a door? When it is AJAR." ha ha ha Happy April Fool's Day.

  6. What a great post...love your tablescape...the bunny, eggs in the wire basket are wonderful. Love in the background there the cobalt jars with the silverware!