Wednesday, March 18, 2009

W.W.W.- STitching, Tweaking & THrifting........

Good morning,
I thought I better get on and post some pics before cleaning house and running errands. :)
This is the stitchery that I did from Primitivebettys .
I think I am keeping this one and making another for a friend. :)

Yesterday, I did some tweaking( just a little bit) and put out some Easter goodies.
The tree does have redware eggs on it, though they are difficult to see in the pic. There is also fabric eggs with printed images on them under the tree. Under the cloche I added some brown package filler and a few more wood eggs.

This is a few goodies I picked up yesterday at the thrift store( excuse the messy table.)

My finds include three wood yardsticks. I know they are old , instead of having a whole phone number on them it says, "phone 37", "phone 12" and the last one doesn't have a number at all.
The yardsticks were 49 cents each, the wood rolling pin (and I really don't need another) was 69 cents, the wood fold up ruler was a whopping 99 cents. :)
Someone had posted on their blog that these were now a collectors item.
I can remember playing with them in my grandpa's garage when we were little. :)
In the upper right corner is a set of alphabet stamps, they were 69 cents; the Joanne fabrics sticker is still on them and they have never been used. :)
My biggest find was this rocker. I paid a whopping $4.99 for it. I haven't decided if I want to use it in the house or take the webbing off the bottom and insert some chicken wire. Why chicken wire? Cause I think it would make a great planter. :)
So, "Whatcha Working on Wednesday"?
Stop over by Leslie's and see what everyone is up to!


  1. Sweet stitching & lovely decor! Thank you for sharing! :) I'll be updating my blog soon to share your sweet ditty too.

    Have a blessed day!



  2. You did better than I did today!
    I bought only a candle warmer and some summer dresses for Gigi!
    Now what projects am I going to work on?
    What are your plans for the ruler and the yard sticks?

  3. You always find the best 'stuff'!!
    Happy Spring ~Natalie

  4. One of these days I'll be finished with school and then I want to go shopping with you! :)

  5. I've seen those alphabet stampers at JoAnn's and I think they had a price of 7.99! You did great with your finds, I have my dad's yd stick in the corner by my hoosier:)

  6. Great finds! I forgot to comment in my e-mail to you about your rockers! That's a GREAT price! They're always VERY expensive around here.

    Your Easter decor is very cute and nice :)

    Love your bunny stitchery, too!

    Hope you have a great night....I'm just sitting here moping. I spent my entire day sanding my dang bench to do a test stain and realize it was better off the way it was! LOL I stained my shelves, too and now I'm going to end up stripping them again so I can stain them to match my table. More work....I don't think this is the week for me to make big decisions!


  7. I love your stitchery!!! And you found some great goodies! What are your plans for the yard sticks? Have a great week!~Wendy

  8. Good Morning Kim! My blog is now updated... sorry to take so long sweetie!

    Have a terrific Friday!

  9. Came over from Leslie's to see what you have been up to. Fun finds and fun stuff.