Monday, March 23, 2009

GOod Monday MOrning..........

Good morning everyone,
How was your weekend?

I have to say we were pretty busy after all. :)
Saturday was spent at my dad's steam cleaning carpets and furniture. Things do look a whole lot better. ;)
While picking up the steam cleaner at Orme's( a little hardware store, that's a favorite), I ran into my cousin, Tammy.
She is participating in a craft show at the local hospital this coming Friday- show will start at 7am! I am really going to try to be up, look presentable and get there!! Someone remind me to take the camera and I will post some pics for you.:)
Tammy is a really great crafter and comes up with some awesome stitcheries. She makes all her own frames and loves primitives( probably why she is my favorite cousin) teehee...shhhhh....
Anyways, I thought I would post some pics showing some of her work.

I think she does an awesome job, what about you?? :)

I also think she needs a blog. Don't ya think?

I picked up some seeds while at the hardware store. I got bushel gourd, apple gourd and gayfeather. Gayfeather wasn't the one I really wanted. I think I had a dizzy moment. lol

Gayfeather doesn't bloom the first year and being the impatient person ( when it comes to things growing) this one isn't really for me. BUT, I am dying to have some of the apple gourds and bushel gourds to display, have you seen them? I will post a pic in the sidebar.

Remember me telling you about getting a rocker and that I wanted to use it outside?? Well, this is an idea that I found online( thank goodness for the internet). no, this is not my chair but I want to do one similar( 'cept probably not yellow, :))

At first look, I was wondering why it was setting on pavers and then I had an a light bulb click on in my head! It's to keep the wood from rotting. Pretty clever !! That is something I worry about with old wood stuff .

So, how was your weekend??


  1. I love your cousins stitcheries!
    And the picture of the rocking chair....what a great idea!! I have been trying to look for some ideas for my front porch and I may have one. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

  2. Hey Kim!!
    My weekend was nice, thanks for asking :)
    I love all Tammy's stitcheries, she does great work-love her frames too. Yep she should have a blog!!
    Love that chair idea too!

    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Kim,
    I had a yellow chair that sat outside with a planter on it. It rotted and fell apart within 2 years and I just haven't been able to bring myself to buy another...I was so sad! LOL I sat it over the sewage pipe that sticks up in our yard to hide it. It looked great but Jeremy complained because it was something to mow around. He likes that he can pop the pipe off and mow over it with the push mower...lazy! LOL

    My weekend was a little busy, too and we started off with no plans. I need to take some pictures of my new finds to share :)

    Have a great day!


  4. Busy weekend here.
    I love the stitcheries and yes she should start a blog. Have a great day!

  5. Love the stitcheries. Especially the one about Daddy!

  6. Love the daddy one too...still miss mine.

    Your cousin should start a blog, let us know if she ever does=)

  7. that rocking chair is too cute! you should definitely do something like it. i can see why this cousin is your favorite, lol, shhh. she should totally start a blog!

  8. The chair is so adorable...mine is already cream...but then I actually sit in it for now. Maybe I will try to find one to decorate with. Dianntha Oh I almost forgot to say that your friend has some nice projets....blog away!!!!

  9. Clearly, talent runs in your family! Thanks for the chair idea - I have a chair just like that that needs a project!

  10. I love the stitcheries. They'll always be a favorite of mine. I like the look of your blog too, it really suits you. Plus, when I saw that picture of Brad Pitt I cracked up. He's beautiful and that saying HAS GOT TO BE TRUE!!!!!!! Come visit, I'm having a giveaway.

  11. Tammy's Crafts are neat!! I took a copy of the "missing dad" one to showcase...

    The rocking chair, those are so cool and look so creative on lawns.

  12. Love the stitcheries...she does an awesome job!
    Love the rockers too looks awesome!
    Have a great week,