Wednesday, March 25, 2009

W.W.W- My Intentions Were..........

My intentions were to make at least one of these finds my "Whatcha Working on Wednesday" project. but, right now its raining.. what a bummer!!

Can someone call Home Depot?
I think they are missing some of their orange paint. :)
I found this very cool wood cupboard at the Goodwill Warehouse. It is definitely getting painted something else. lol
The best part was they had just moved it over to the 99 cents area!! Yea for me!!!
Maybe use it to stash fabric or sewing notions in? What would you do with it?
(The cat is mine, she didn't come from the warehouse) :)

Another great place to search for goodies to "redo" is Freecycle.
I responded to an offer and got both of these old rockers.
The armless one I am definitely keeping for me. I can't wait to get it painted up! :)

The other free rocker.
Anyone else looking for a rocker?
Stop over by Leslie's and see what everyone else is working on. :)


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with these! :)

  2. WoW!
    What a bunch of wonderful finds!
    They are all diamonds in the rough...and I am looking forward to seeing the finished redo's.

  3. Kim,
    Well you know I'm looking for a rocker but the shipping might be a little pricey, given the shape. Maybe you could disassemble and pack it up and I could make Jer put it back together? LOL Just kidding, of course!

    The first rocker is awesome! That's something I would have scooped up in a second, too! The second just needs recovered and a new back cushion. I saw one like that at the Antique store for $20, but I decided I didn't want to mess with it....

    You weren't kidding about the Home Depot ORANGE cabinet! I love the cabinet, I have been looking for something that I could sit at the end of my bar and stuff full of junk like that. No luck yet! What a STEAL for 99¢! Had it not been that color, you probably wouldn't have gotten such a bargain so thanks to the person that thought that was the perfect color!

    I commented after your comment on my blog but I'll also repeat it here incase you don't go back and check (I know I never do!) I do like that the candle mats have something on the outside. I haven't made a lot of them because I figure there is no point in making something that's half covered up!

    Good luck with whatever you do today! I'm sure you'll figure out something.


  4. these will work up nicely!! great finds!

  5. I love love love that cupboard. What a wonderful deal you happened upon. That orange is kind of growing on me the longer I look at it. Please be sure and post the transformation.

  6. Wait, I need to get my sunglasses! LOL what a great shape though! Can't wait to see them all done up!!

  7. Interesting finds for you. That is sure a bright orange! Too orange for me.

  8. Lovin the orange cabinet, Kim. Also lovin the package I got in the mail yesterday!!! Thank you! I posted about it a few minutes ago! It was as wonderful as I thought it would be!

  9. Love the orange storage cubbie especially for 99 cents! Good find on the rockers also - I keep my eye out for these kind of chairs - they are fun to fix up. I've even made a fairy garden out of a seatless one once!

  10. Love the cabinet you bought for .99 cents. I want to find that kind of deal.

  11. I think the cupboard should be the other way around!
    Great finds...yeah it definitely needs paint! Or hallow'een treat

  12. Wow, you really did get some great finds....the cabinet is going to be adorable all changed out.