Saturday, March 28, 2009

HAppy Saturday & A COuple Questions

Well, I am hoping it's a happy Saturday for ya. lol
The weather outside is dreary right now. We haven't decided what to do today.
Actually, what I would like to do is prep the bedroom for some new paint. I am not for sure if that will happen today or not. lol

While I got you on here, I got some questions.......
1.Who has the silicone flicker bulbs at an AFFORDABLE PRICE? My flickers stopped flickering a couple days ago.
I just need a couple(well, maybe 3 or 4) and oh, I don't want the orange colored ones.
Who do you buy from?

2.What do you do with your dish soap? I mean do you keep it under the counter or do you have it in something prim? I do dishes frequently during the day. I am almost compulsive over it, Seriously!
So, I would like to keep it out( maybe) if I had somethig to put it on. I know you can get the mason jars with the pump on them, but I am like alot of others out there and am trying to save money/scrimp as much as possible;. that's why we shop the thrift stores.
Anyone have any good "redo" ideas?
I had these saved in my faves. if it's your idea, please let me know- I will ya credit. :)

an olive oil bottle

hand soap bottle with labels peeled off and craft rub-ons added.

gallon jar- i think it looks great with the wood scoop for powdered soap
What about those huge bottles of laundry detergent? How do you hide them?

3.Do you leave your ornie tree up all year? I am right now, but I know some don't. What is your opinion?

One more question and I will let you go........... teehee :)

4.How in the world do they get all those cool goodies underneath of the cloches and get them to stay upright till its covered?

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Happy Saturday! I have no good ideas for you - I just leave that stuff out. :( I'll be watching to see what others come up with, though!

  2. Hi,
    I have to leave my dish soap out all the time!! I have mine in a large pump bottle (plastic). It was originally a walmart body wash pump bottle. once it was empty i cleaned it, then grubbied the outside with several layers of mod podge and coffee grounds and a final layer of mod podge. when that was dry i hung a grubby tag from it that says, what else, "dish soap"
    Have a good day.

  3. I don't know if this helps but I have decided to make my own since the Pickled Pepper gave direction and they are so easy and cheap.
    I do let mine sit out but I have a sweet little gingerbread man pump (my kitchen is gingerbread). I think if you go to a hardware store the pumps for the pint jars are pretty inexpensive.
    I do't have an ornie tree but when I left a tree out till valentines day once it got really dusky...just my thoughts.
    I have one of the glass cloches and if you hold on and squeeze your finger a bit...wha-la...it stands. LOL
    Sounds like you have a lot going on. Dianntha

  4. Well I will be no help at all because I didn't like having the soap out - just no room in that space for another thing so the sink has a built in liquid dispenser with a plunger much like the bottles you show so when it's empty I just pull out the plunger and refill and it's out of sight but USED CONSTANTLY...I'm at the sink all the time.
    But if you have to have one out I really like the OLIVE OIL BOTTLE look.

    Oh and I don't know either how these pretties stay upriht! lol
    Hugs, Karen

  5. P.S. thanks for putting the PENNSYLVANIA trip on your sideboard!

  6. Gosh, just me again - these afterthoughts are going to fill your comments right up1 lol

    Where did you find the graphics for the e-mail??

  7. Kim,
    You are filled with questions...lol Just kidding. I'm the same way...my mind is always wandering/wondering (They both work! LOL)

    1)I have no clue on the flickering bulbs. I buy my regular silicone ones at Jo-Ann's 2 for $1. I only have one flickering candle and I'm sure one day it will burn out so I'm interested in hearing what you learn. I will not spend $3+ on a bulb. I'll use a regular one before I will do that!

    2)Dish soap...we have the dispenser that's built in to the sink. Our spray hose would do nothing but get clogged up with calcium deposits. It was worthless! Jeremy removed it and I bought one of the pumps at Lowe's that fits right in that hole. You can unscrew the bottle from underneath and refill it or take the pump out and pour in. :) I wash soap many times a day, too and this works!

    Before this I had the olive oil dispenser and while it looked nice, it was messy. The top started to rust and it would get clogged up with the dry, built-up soap over time and had to be cleaned. It was more of a hassle for me than what it was worth.

    Laundry soap is up in the cupboard above the washer. :) I keep the fabric softener out but it's sitting in a crock so it's kind of "hidden"

    3)I have an ornie tree up in the living room that I have had out since Christmas. It's only a 1' tree so it's not a problem. I like it but yet lately, I have been considering putting it away and replacing it with something else all together. I haven't had it lit in forever because I'm too afraid to leave it plugged in 24/7 and it's a pain to keep plugging and unplugging.

    4)I don't own one so I don't know.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!