Friday, November 23, 2012

What do I want to do...

trying to decide what colors i want to use for Christmas decorating.... i so love the burlap, silver and white. and have been looking at so many burlap bow tutorials; i could make them in my sleep. :) but, i don't think they will hold up outside in  Ohio's crazy winter weather.
got any suggestions??

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I am so excited about tonight! This will be the first time ever that I am passing out treats. As my daughters were growing up, I walked with them house to house. The last few years, since my daughters are now adults, we have shared in the fun of a bonfire and food at my mom's home. Tonight, I will be at my own little home, with the porch light on and LOTS of candy. :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

Porch Makeover

rusty metal porch posts, moldy outdoor carpet, vertical blinds at the window, orangey,brown front door, and flaky, peeling porch swing. 

AFTER- power washed, new outdoor carpet, replaced the metal posts with wood ones in white, front door is now white too, linen curtains at the windows, removed the stick on house numbers( i want something cute and vintage), spray painted the original mailbox and porch light in oil rubbed bronze and porch swing is painted valspar's "oatmeal"..

wait till you see what i did to the swing chains.........

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Front Door Makeover

BEFORE- orangey varnished front door, dirty sheers at the window and cheap brass door knobs. 

AFTER- white and bright :), frosted glass(DIY project) and brushed nickel knobs. :)

This cute house is making me happy. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bathroom Progress

I have been so busy trying to get some projects done around the house. One of the most labor intensive ones was the main floor bathroom. 

BEFORE- The mirror was really too big for the size of the bathroom. Plus, those bulb lights left alot to be desired. There on the right hand side of the pic is a white cabinet that was attached to the wall. It really looked out of place with the rest of the room.

 AFTER-   Found this mirror at Hobby Lobby. All mirrors were 50% off. I ended up getting this one for about $20. 

BEFORE- the wall on the right hand side(behind the door) when you walked in, was covered in adhesive from past projects. I literally had to use a putty knife and chisel to get it off. 

AFTER-  new paint on the walls, and a great framed print.

BEFORE- A bigger view of the original project. If you look at the top of the pic, you can see the window that's in the shower stall. I found from looking online its a common problem in order homes. When I bought the house the window was covered with a mini blind AND a shower curtain over that.  Awful, just awful. Oh, and the door was brown with a brass door knob. notice i said, WAS.

AFTER- Frosted glass. Much better!!  

AFTER- new vanity and sink. I am loving it!   

AFTER- (overall view) new flooring, sink, shower enclosure, and accessories. Check out the white door and brushed nickel door knob. I am loving it!!! Knob was sprayed with KRYLON Brushed Nickel paint. This has got to be the best spray paint I have ever used and it dries in ten minutes.
 Gotta go for now. :)

Friday, June 15, 2012


cabinets are painted.
3 coats of polyurethane are on the floors.
bathroom is ready for paint and new flooring.
I am excited to move... its getting closer. :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love my Wooster!!

This guy has had it after painting over 24 gallons of paint; not to mention the gallons of primer and cleanings. 

Its okay, I bought a new one. :)

I love you Wooster!!!

Shortcut Angle Sash Paintbrush, 2-Inch

■Flexible purple Shergrip handle that measurers only 2 1/4 Inches long that adds maneuverability in tight spaces

■White nylon and gold polyester blend for all paints

■Brass-plated steel ferrule

■Package designed to peghook brush by the handle and illustrate proper holding position

Wooster, Shortcut, 2″, Nylon/Polyester Paintbrush, Full Sized Brush Head Provides Good Paint Capacity, Angled Brush Tips Add Precision, Maneuverable Handle Size For Better Results In Corners and Tight Spaces, Shergrip Handle Is Soft and Flexible For More Control and Comfort(the very best part!).

Monday, May 28, 2012

Prettied up Paneling

BEFORE- knotty pine is just not working for me.  the room was dated, boring and feeling closed in.
the only good thing it had going on was the plush pale gray carpet. :)

AFTER-  first coat of white paint is now on. i did use kilz 2 primer before the painting began. 
i do love the white sooo much better. :) 

on a side note- painting is nearly complete on the interior. bathroom redo is next project. i so want to get moved in!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Key

The key to designing a happy home, is really designing a happy life. The key to that is lay not so much in deciding what I needed, but recognizing what I could do without. - Jay Schaffer

Thursday, May 10, 2012

~New Project~



its mine! its mine!
shhh... I haven't even told my family.
this house is going to be my project and i want your ideas, input and anything else you want to throw out there. lol
there are so many things i have on my "to do" list:
paint(interior first)
change out the black wrought iron posts and railings
remove carpet from front porch
do something with the tiny galley kitchen
remove wallpaper
take up the carpet from the original hardwood floors
bathroom makeover
etc., etc.

I wish the home improvement store fairy would come visit me. :)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stay Tuned...

Stay tuned.. I will be back soon.... so much going on since Christmas.. my head is spinning.