Thursday, November 11, 2010

Picking YOUR Brain.....

There are a few things I have been looking for and thought I would ask you all where to find them ( and at a decent price).

Where can I find-

1. burlap ribbon

2. FOUND-plate hangers( the metal ones, I think they have a spring on them for different size plates) I got four white ones at a thrift store today for 25 cents each.

3. wicker baskets

4. bedside table/nightstands ideas . seen anything out there thats DIY? or a re-do?

5. lightweight comforter (I am loving this one from Pottery Barn, but ouch!! the price!
Seen anything real close? This one is no longer available, seen one similar?

6. great drinking glasses - These are all great( from Pier ONe). Do you know of any place that has something similar?

Now, that you have helped me do some shopping.... :)
Thank You!!

On to other stuff.

I am saving some money to get a camera (and Black Friday is getting closer) so hopefully I can find a great deal on one. I miss posting pics and we are doing a bedroom remodel!!

Funky Junk Interiors has some great blog tips posted you ought to check out. I think my blog is now more visitor friendly.
I know I was guilty of a few of them. and there are probably some tips on there that you may want to use too..
Just saying.................. :)


  1. Enjoyed looking at the pics...really like the dishes from Pier One. :) I hope you can stop over and say hi. :)

  2. I have seen burlap on a roll...about 6 inches wide with a very loose weave...not wired, though...at Micheals. Not sure if that's what you want. They also have plate hangers...in the back near the picture frames. My burlap runner really didn't make a huge mess to sew. There were some short strings...but not a lot of fuzz, surprisingly! My brown goblets were my wedding pattern...35 years ago! I can't remember the name. I have seen a lot of brown this year. Maybe they will be coming back! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  3. burlap at michaels. the other things...do you happen to have a gabriel brothers store in your area? not fond of browsing through their clothing, but the household items are so great!

  4. oooo... I think I am going looking for these things too!!

  5. Check WalMart for the glasses some some yesterday yellow (gold) burgundy clear anyways were a buck a piece.