Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Got lots to talk about..........

Last night I went to my friend Saundra's to help with a few craft projects. She is pretty new to the prim world and really, really new at handmades!

Matter of fact, if you check out her gifts under the tree there is a beginner sewing machine from her dh. This is a gal who never had a sewing machine before. Heck, I don't think she took
Home Ec past jr. high. :).
Dh told her she can't use it till Christmas. teehee
He works out of town Sunday thru Thursday... soo....
She is planning on trying it out. ssshhhh.......
I have been trying to find her some easy peazy patterns to start with.

Sarah , she is getting the supplies to make your icicles today after work. :)

Saundra is an aide at a local school district for special needs children. Please check out her home. I am trying to talk her into joining the blogging world.

(click on link below to see more)
Saundra's home aka "kittykat cottage"

I also want to post on something important to me. The mistreatment of animals.
Please check out

Angie's blog to help a poor dog! I can't believe that people are so mean.

The new edition of Primitive Times magazine is also available. There is usually some great ideas, lots of pictures and more. I haven't even had a chance to look at it myself. I wanted to pass it on in this post to you all. :)

Primitive Times Magazine

Also, I am loving this doily tree topper . I know its not prim but still, oh so pretty.

Doily Tree Topper

Be back soon,


  1. Wonderful Post!

    Congrats to you Juanita!!!
    You won yourself a copy of the Just Cross Stitch Ornament mag in my give-away!

    Just let me know your email so we can get these in the mail!


  2. Sorry KIM!!!!

    I typed the wrong name, but you're still a winner
    don't forget to email me or comment me your snail mail.


    PS when I commented you the first time your word verification came up as FLAKEY! lol
    Very appropriate for the snowy season ahead!

  3. OOOOOh those poor dogs. I have a friend who rescues whippets and she started out with one and now has 8. They are the sweetest sweetest dogs. She has so many outfits for them and they usually are in pjas when I see them in the morning....too funny.
    Lovely blog as usual.
    Merry Christmas to all

  4. The dog broke my heart. There are so many abandoned animals in my area, that I have begun to take them in. And next year my friends from Germany will be moving nearby and they are starting a rescue facility for dogs and horses. There ARE humans who care for the plight of the animals on our planet.

  5. That doiley star is soo pretty and so simple of an idea!
    I don't understand how people can becruel to animals,The mind boggles...Nasty!

  6. oh no that poor dog... pet cruelty sickens me! Its like that here after chrsitmas when people start to get rid of unwanted christmas pet presents. So sad!!

  7. Kim,
    Please go pick up your award off my blog sweetie. Thank you for your post about HOpe!

  8. I love the door she has on her porch...what a find that was!

    That poor dog...I can't imaging doing that to an animal, God bless her.

  9. Great post! Thank you...

  10. I am popping in to say hello and catch up on my favorite bloggers...I love that tree topper too. Although I lean mostly towards prim I have quite a mix of styles here at my house.