Saturday, December 27, 2008

Up for HOurs....

Good morning!!
I am up early, having coffee and watching the news. :)

(no, this isn't me)

Yesterday,I ventured out long enough to grab some things at the grocery- for the cats, not us. lol
Did check at Walmart for any good bargains though. I had bought a new tree there before the holidays. It is in my pics, actually the one in my last post too. :)
Right now the same tree is on sale for $10.00. If you are looking for a more prim and slim tree, go grab one up. That is a great deal. Tree tree name is '"Slim Wesley".
I don't need any wrapping paper or ornaments right now. I still have quite a bit of wrappung paper left. Over the summer I bought one of the large red and green gift wrap holders at a yard sale. It was FULL of gift wrap, tags, ribbons, bows, etc. best part was , I got it for $2.00.
Ornaments- I love the homemade ones that I have received from soo many online friends. :)
I may venture out today to check out Big Lots and Kmart.
Grabbed a quick lunch at Sheetz yesterday while we were out. We got a jr. burger with the works, small fries and a large drink( cola) for 48 cents!!
How did we do that? Well, Sheetz sends coupons to those on their mailing list.
We had 2 free jr. burger coupons( includes extras), and right now if your get anything "made to order" you get FREE fries. Plus, all fountain drinks are only 48 cents any size. It cost us .96 cents( for 2 people) to eat out. Now thats a good bargain for the frugal shopper!! :)

Did you find any good bargains?

We did get all the christmasy stuff put away yesterday. I managed to get it all done ( with a little help from dd#2). All the laundry is done, floors swept, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, and cleaned out the refrigerator. We were was busy. lol

(nope, not me either, lol))

Whatever holiday treats are left tomorrow; I am giving away.

I am going to start working on some new projects in the next few days. I have been checking around to see who is having valentine day swaps. YOOHOO! Where are you swap hostesses? lol
I am so ready for some new ideas!! :)

Need to check out the library today, They are having a brown bag sale. You get all the books you can put in a brown paper bag for $1.00. Lately, I have found some great finds.

What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Good morning, I'm up early too, the house is quiet, the wrappings cleared, the leftovers are almost gone and we are relaxing.
    Love your Saturday morning blog. I like getting up early reading my favorite blogs, and then writing in my "journal" such as it is.
    Yours is so much more interesting.
    I drove by Walmart yesterday....way toooooo many people. way toooooooo far to park...just way toooo much energy required for all of that.

  2. I too got all my stuff packed away and rearranged the living room even. I am in the purging mode so I am staying away from the Christmas sales -it's hard though!!

    Have a great relaxing weekend!

  3. you have been a busy girl! I am ready to start some new projects too! have fun!

  4. I haven't left the farm since the 21st. Had hoped to hit sales in Tulsa when we took son to the airport this morn. But, in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I let myself become dehydrated and that always leads to urinary infections for me. As it turns out, we are under a tornado watch (Oklahoma, of course) and it is raining like mad, so I'll just clean house, do laundry, clean the wood stove, bake bread, cook and cook, play games with my grandchildren and have an easy day (I'll send hubby and grandson out in the rain to take care of the animals, today.)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. Good Morning...I am the only one up early here to. We did go out yesterday as our daughter received 2 crockpots for Christmas and needed to take one back. I bought 2 rolls of wrapping paper and some lights to use in my classroom next year...all 50% off. Bath & Body Works also had Body Creams for $3.00, so got some of each of us girls. Smells so yummy! Have a great day. Natalie

  6. Sorry...that's Bath & Body Works Body Creams FOR each of us girls.
    BTW, a tornado watch in OK? Perhaps a Winter Weather Advisory in SD doesn't sound so bad.
    Stay safe!

  7. WoW what a good lil bargin girl you are! I love a good deal! We will be getting all of our holiday decor down this weekend-but no after Christmas sales for us this year. I am already in Valentne's mode myself-got some plans for a few craft and sewing ideas. Jusy have to finish getting all of the Christmas stuff out of the way and then I can get started! I'm also already thinking about Easter projects-gotta stay on top of it -right? LoL! Happy New Year!~Smiles~Tam!

  8. I am not undecorating until the 1st. We are still eating leftovers although I did throw the sweets away..I was the only one eating them!

    We went to Kohl's and Walmart and got some good deals for the kids for their giftcards they wanted to spend.We still have another week off so wee are enjoying eachother's company around the house.


  9. Love the old pics, giggle. I too am looking for a new project, was checking to see if you had one, giggle.

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

    Hugs, Bren