Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay, I had good intentions....lol

I picked up this cheese board and dome for 49 cents at a thrift store last week.

I was going to do something creative ......... well, that didn't happen.

First, my dad called; his computer wasn't booting up. I went over and looked at it. Took my keyboard over since he said his wasn't lighting up. Nope, still didnt work. I loaded it up and dropped it off at the shop.

On the way home, a sick friend called, "could I pick up a prescription?". Sure.

Turned around in the parking lot; went back to the pharmacy window. Dropped it off to her at the door( I do not want the flu again!).

Stopped and picked up a gallon of milk; needed cat litter too but I forgot my coupon holder on the table. ( I willl have to get it today).

Walked in the FRONT door, headed to pee and heard someone hollering. I opened up the BACK door and neighbor had slipped and fallen on his steps. I called his son, called the squad( just to be on the safe side) and waited with him until they got there.

Grabbed a glass of rasberry tea and set down on the couch to catch my breath. hmmm. There was a little black thing on the floor.. Well, it was a black crow that USED to be sewed on a sheep's back. It was a christmas decoration, stooped to pick it up. Hey, there is another ornie lying near Dd#2's bedroom door. Then I see another in the kitchen.

Who did it??

I think it's a conspiracy!!

I got guilty looks from the cats AND the dog. I swear they are like kids!!

They wait till I leave and get into things. by the time I picked up SEVEN ornies, ran the vaccuum, and took Adam ( the dog) outside in the pouring rain, I was out of the crafting mood. Heck, it was time for supper.

This morning when I got up. the roll of paper towels was UNROLLED from the kitchen cabinet clear down the hall. Every sheet has claw marks!!

So, back to my project.. What should I do with this? I want to paint it. should I use it for.... . fudge? soaps?, cookies, what do you think? I know I don't want cheese on it.

I hate warm cheese.


  1. LOL!! The dog and cats are after your patience!!
    You have been one busy girl!
    I have one of those cheese thingys, i just painted the wood base a drab brown and sit a fabric cinnamon bun on it, without the glass dome.

  2. Haha, this is a great post! Pets ARE like kids and DO wait til you leave the room JUST like kids do:)

    Fudge sounds good to me

  3. Oh my, I just can't stop laughing! Sorry. I have had so many days like that it's not even funny! At the time it's not funny, but the way you wrote this blog.....I just have these visions in my head of kitties and doggies with these "I didn't do it!" looks on their faces! I hope things slow down alittle for ya so you can work on your little cheese thingy. I kinda like Black Sheep Lisa's idea or you could paint it and make a little snowman and put him under the glass. Anyway you have a great day....you deserve it! ~Beth~

  4. Gotta love those pets! LoL! I am only laughing because I have been in the same situation with mine before. I think your find is just great. Hey you know what you could do with it for now-how about putting some Christmas decorations under the glass? It would look like a snow globe of sorts!Have a fun crafty day!
    ~Tam :D

  5. Great post ~ sounds like some of my days!

    Love the "snowglobe" idea! Do you have any little houses? They would look pretty under glass ~ have fun with it whatever you do! (and keep it away from the pets!!)

  6. I'm still rolling on the floor laughing at your animals antics!
    They sound just like my kids!
    I like the idea of the fabric cinnabun on the painted base!

  7. I hope your family, friends and neighbors - to say nothing of guilty pets - appreciate your love and kindness. Those qualities are becoming harder and harder to find these days. Though I do find them in greater quantity in the rural communities I deal with.

  8. I understand what you are going through with the pets! I find pieces of things all the time! I always start with good intentions and then life happens and I never get around to what I planned! I feel your pain - trust me!

  9. HA!

    Guess I'm no thte only one who got a giggle from this post! :)

    Thanks for that Kim!

    Tell the critters thanks too! Can't imagine life without them & CAN imagine life with more of them...I can't wait! :)

    You're such a blessing to so many people & just in case people forget to tell you, I'll say it, "Thank You Kim, you're an angel!"

    Cheese board: how about sand it down, paint it black or barn red, sand the edges & stain over it, then...tie fresh greens & baby pinecones to the glass top w/homespun...inside, mica flakes for snow around tiny bottle brush trees???


  10. I am exhausted just reading your post!!! Those darn animals!!LOL
    I can't wait to see what you do with the cheese plate!!~Wendy

  11. Char over at the Pickled Pepper Patch had a wonderful idea for your cheese dome without the wood bottom. I'll try to do her justice with my directions.
    Supplies you will need:
    1 glass candlestick base (the Dollar Store has them 2/$1)
    1 medium size plate
    bonding glue
    Now glue the candlestick base to the bottom of the plate. Place the dome on top. There you have it. A wonderful decorative plate with a glass lid.
    I made one the other night and it looks absolutely magnificent. My plate was very ornate. Check out her blog to see how she did hers. You won't be disappointed.

  12. Some days just seem to be filled with things like that! You spend so much time doing stuff but none of it was stuff you planned to do! I spent my dad running all over the mall with little luck. Now I'm trying to rush supper because I think I'm headed back up the road to try Ross, Target and Kohl's....I HATE shopping...sigh...

    I don't know what to tell you with the cheese board. Could you make some sort of fake foods and just sit it in the kitchen?

    Have a great night!


  13. What a day, I am sorry but I cannot stop laughing about the dog and cats.

    Now for the cheese board; I see a birds nest inside it with a couple eggs or greens in it. Maybe tie a tag with jute on the handle.

    Thanks for the cute blog!

  14. I think we all have days like that sometimes we think they will never end:)

    I like the idea of the cheese board painted and used with a faux cinna bun.

  15. This is my first visit to your blog and I greeted with description of your crazy day. I kept wondering if you made it to the bathroom to pee. You said you headed to pee and heard the noise at the back door. I got the impression you never made it there or forgot you had to go or something. Looks like you got some great ideas from others for you cheese board.

  16. I had to laugh, not at your bad day but the paper towels. We have cats that will steal a roll and lay on the floor and go at it with all 4 legs and teeh. We have unique confetti makers LOL> Whats even worse is when you get up in the morning and use the bathroom. There hangs the TP with giant bites out of it. You can never unroll it far enough to use. Really it looks like carnivorous TP eaters have attacked it!!
    Thanks for the laugh.
    angel2cook at aol dot com

  17. You know what? The animals here are getting into more trouble than normal around here too! Is it a full moon?

  18. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Sweetie! My goodness, you have had a day like me! I think you are due some hot tea and cookies (warm from the oven). Wish I could stop by and enjoy some with you.:) My cat insists on knocking my stockings off the stairs when I am not looking. I know it's him! Stinker! Good thing he is cute... Lori