Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out With The Old..........

...................And In with the New!
Are you celebrating with friends and family tonight?
We are going to a friend's house to play cards and eat . I hope the weather holds up. It is snowing here right now. Just a miserable snow, not a pretty snow. lol
Have you made any plans for the new year??
I don't make resolutions because it seems like I break them. I like to make myself, "promises" . A promise to myself to improve my own life, my own surroundings. :)
The part about improving my own surroundings has already started.
The last two days I spent painting my ceilings. Yea!! They are all done!! I just redid them in white ,but omg! The big improvement. I guess you dont' realize how gray they get after a while. Brush some white paint up there and then look!!!
These are my home projects I want to get done.
1. paint bedroom
2. paint living room
3."'redo" my kitchen to have more prim cabinets
3. new living room set
Projects about "me"
1. lose a few pounds
2. learn a new skill
3. buy new undergarments. :)
4. start a conversation with someone new at least once a month.
I am sure there is more I could add to the list. :)
We are planning a trip to the thrift stores ( some big ones) next week.
Have you found any goodies lately?


  1. Promises are a good way of putting it. I like your list much better than some I see. At least you know things are possible to complete and you'll get to cross things off and feel you accomplished something, unlike some peoples grand ideas for like World Peace in the new year! LOL

    Happy New Year, Kim :) Have a great night!

  2. Stay safe Kim, may you have a blessed new year!

  3. hi there....i just wanted to pop in and wish you a happy new years and to say i really enjoy keeping up with you and your family and i also enjoy seeing what you are up to each day....here's to another great year!!!!!!

  4. Wanted to stop by and wish you and your family a safe and happy new year!
    Glad to have met you this year and am looking forward to reading more in 2009!

  5. Hi Kim!

    Wishing you a very Happy NEW YEAR!!!
    I hope your're blessed with happiness and lotsa good stuff in the upcoming year--I'm happy I met ya...signing up for Jenn's gift swap brought me to ya! YAY! ;)
    Have a FUN night & be safe!

    Look forward to visiting ya next year!


    WTG on your ceiling painting, girl...that's project that really isn't too much fun-huh?!

  6. Oh yeah, new undergarments for me too! and the new skill would be to learn to do some hand quilting this year.
    Other than that, things are pretty good. We're playing cards, and having chinese at friends too.
    Happy New Year, and I'm really glad that I can drop in to visit you.

  7. Best of luck with your promises and The Very Best Wishes for the New Year!!!

  8. Have a blessed New Year. Hope you get every done on your list this year. I did find some ribbon that was .19 cents a yard but then I got it for 80% off that. Almost free. Our Ben Franklin store is going out of business. So sad.

  9. Happy New year Kim to you nad your family!! May you be able to keep every promise to yourself!!! Me I hope to get healthier this coming year so I can be around to enjoy the wonderful Blessings god has Graced me with!!:0) Wendy

  10. Quiet night here. After we dig out it steaks and salad and an early night.

    Happy New year!!

  11. I hope you get all of your "promises" accomplished and MORE! Happy New Year, Kim:)