Friday, January 2, 2009

Is It 2010 yet??

LOL............ I knew that title would get you! lol

You were probabaly thinking,what the heck is going on with that crazy girl??!!
Well, nothing is wrong; everything is good.
Lets hope it stays like this the rest of the 363 days. :)

I got up this morning, had coffee and went to pay some bills. I just love doing that. NOT!!!

Stopped by the Goodwill and they had absolutely nothing good. Still had lots of glittery Christmas decorations out. I hope they change that stuff soon. I did stop by Big Lots and found some "Home Interiors" candles...

hmmmmm ......thats the first time I have seen anything by Home Interiors at a discount store. The candle I got was the jar kind and it is raisin bread scent. Now , that candle smells wonderful!! So, this evening I thought I would run back down and buy a few.

guess what??

They are all GONE!! Every darn one of them!! I know someone went in and bought them all. Sooner or later they will show up in a consignment booth. Thats what usually happens around here. But anyways, They were marked $2.00 each. You can smell it outside on my deck; thats how strong the smell is.

I am also contemplating paint colors. I need to clean walls and do a little bit of patching; hoping that the major painting will be done on Monday.
I would also like to freshen up the bedroom walls. I had bought a king size, white down comforter at a yard sale over the summer and just now got it out. I am loving it-so big and fluffy to snuggle under!! I am putting it on the bed.

Now I would like to find some nice curtains and paint the one colored wall .
Three walls are country white and the fourth is a sage geen. Well, I want the sage green color gone. :)

This weekend I will post more pics for you.


  1. We went to Big Lots tonight to kill time before taking Shane to the movies. I came out absolutely empty handed. I used to love that store but ours seems to have went downhill. Either that or I'm not really looking for anything. OR maybe the issue is they don't have what I like! LOL I didn't see any candles.....

    I used to have a huge list of things that I wanted to do around here. My list is very short and has nothing major on it anymore. I find that sad some times but then I also think it's good because I spent a lot of time picking the perfect paint colors and painting each and every room (I have painted so many colors on the walls and now it's all in the tan family because I found I like it!).

    Kim, I wish I lived closer because I would gladly be over on Monday to help you paint! I'm telling you you will be so happy when you get to work and paint all of that paneling :) I don't have paneling like you but I know painting over the wallboard made me happy. It was great putting my own touches in the house.

    Have a great weekend :)


  2. Kim, thanks for stopping over at my blog. The jar labels came from Tiffany over at www.primitiveblessings.com im sure all you ladies have been on her site. She has wonderful ideas. Go to Twig-Cipes and then click on Craft-Cipes. They are free,too! Great bargin at Big Lots on the candle. Im like Leslie, our Big Lots never has anything. Glad you got a bargin!Dawn

  3. {{{giggle}}}, 2010 girl you are crazy!

    I am thinking that I will need to go check out the big lots here and see what I can find.

    Sounds like a busy weekend at your house. Hope you accomplish all that you set out to do this weekend, and fun doing it!

  4. Our Big Lots is right next to our Goodwill:) I'll have to stop in and see if they have any. I have the Home Interiors punched tin holder that was made to hold their candle jars and I always enjoyed their candles...they do smell good:)

  5. We don't have a Big lots close by but I have a wonderful GW that I like to go to...although it has been quite a few weeks since I've been there.


  6. Ummm... what's a Big Lots? Like a dollar store..?
    That candle looked awesome! I think I can smell it from here!
    Blessings, Kimberly

  7. We don't have Big Lots in SD either, just the Big K...LOL. I have been to one in Nebraska when visiting our DD. You do sound ambitious and I'm looking forward to seeing pictures...be sure to take before and after! Have a good weekend. Natalie

  8. Be sure to post photos when you get the painting done - I love to see decorating ideas from people who actually know how to decorate, because I am hopeless with colors! That candle was a nice find, wasn't it?

  9. Have fun painting! If you haven't picked the color for the bedroom, how about that pretty blue around the little birds on your background paper here? Your white fluffy bed would look like a cloud against the sky!

  10. Great find on the candle! Big Lots around here is so out of my way that i never go in there anymore. I love picking paint colors, let me know if i can help.
    I have a big ziplock bag full of paint chips from Lowes and Walmart, LOL!

  11. We are so much alike - I love Home Interior Candles - they have the best smell while burning - I hate those cheater candles that don't smell when being lite - it's like cheating I think. I have a down duvet I got while in England ten years ago - I am so excited when it's winter so I can snuggle with it. SOOOOOO warm! Good luck on the painting, we're just starting to paint our house - it's been a long year of building but the end is in sight!