Saturday, January 17, 2009

THis And THat...................

Good Morning!!
Boy, it sure is cold outside! I was listening to the news and they said it is warmer in Alaska right now then it is in Ohio. Figure that one out............ LOL
I thought I would post a few pics that I had in my files and call it, "This and That" .
Some of these pics I do not remember whose idea they are, so if it's you, give me a holler and I will post a link.:)

THIS is a pic of some candle holders made from thrift store cutting boards and mason jars with

she emailed me. thank you!! :)

THAT is my daughter's(Storm) car, after MY MOM backed out of the garage and into the side of her car. I have to tell you that this is the third time my mom or stepdad have not been paying attention when leaving the garage and hit someone's car. Needless to say, we all now avoid the garage area for parking. lol

THIS is another idea that I saved. I thought this was so cool!!

It is thrift store wooden recipe boxes attached to a piece of wood and painted . I think it would look great in any room. :)

THAT is what a greyhound can do, while bored and you are cleaning the bathroom.
Can I say GGrrrrrr?! This is the first time ever he has done something like that.

THIS is another idea I thought was sooo cool. It's an old wooden hanger, table runner and hang tag....... great easy, peasy idea to me. :)

Well, that's the end of my THIS and THAT show.....

What are you doing today?


  1. Some cute ideas!! I like the cutting boards and mason jars...very cleaver!!

    The backing out of the garage...I am so guilty of that, too. When your use to backing out and not "normally" having to worry about another car being parked there, you sometimes forget to "LOOK"!! I feel for your Mother and Daughter...


  2. Love the recipe box idea - what a greatway to store things in a craft room!

    I am staying in and putzing and waiting for the mail to see if I get my CS today. The suspense is killing me! LOL

  3. Great ideas! NOT the dog damage -- my Border Collie destroyed half a door during a thunder storm -- and thankfully (knock on wood) my 78 year old mother is still a good driver.

  4. Kim, I like your "This and That post!
    "THIS" - Some really good ideas...
    "THAT"...well... bummer!! ;)

    Have a great weekend...stay warm!


  5. For some reason those greyhounds love foam like that. Maybe it reminds them of their stuffed toys??? It is frustrating though. But just look at those eyes, you can't stay mad for long can you?

  6. Fun! I looove the cutting board idea and I have one on hand... hmmm...

  7. What fantastic ideas...love how the candles look in those jars and hung like that. GReat ideas thanks for sharing. I would NOT park in the garage either...yikes.
    We are staying in today getting some chinking done on our cabin. But tonight we are meeting friends and going out to dinner at a new pub in our area.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Love the creations! Great idea to take the recipe card holders and attach them like that! Always love to read your blog for T2T ideas Kim!

  9. What cute ideas (except for the impromptu redecorating of the bed)!! I love the candle holders, can't wait to try it out!
    Thanks for the ideas! Kat

  10. This was such a fun post!
    Those are some awesome ideas...I love the thrift store item make overs!

  11. I have to have a couple of those cutting board/mason jar candles. Love them! I have the mason jar just need that type of cutting board so it's going on my scavenger hunt list. I better put a few of them on the list they will make great gifts. Thanks for the ideas. Take Care :)

  12. WoW you poor things so sorry to hear about your crazy weather! We had our share already here in the pacific northwest! Hope it warms up soon for ya! Loved your this and that photos-especially the idea of the recipe boxes! I have been sewing and crafting most of the weekend-fun stuff!I will be doing some new post on them soon.
    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  13. Cool ideas :) I just wish I had wall space....lol. I try not to get inspired too much these days!

    Oh, sorry that Adam did that! Jeremy gets really irritated with Ruger because he'll go for the longest time and be the best dog ever and then suddenly pee in the house just out of the blue, like he's angry with us? Then we have issues for about two days and then months go by. I wonder why he hasn't figured it out yet? LOL


  14. I love the candle holder idea! I may have to 'steal' it when I can dig out my saws to cut them out. Love your blog too!