Sunday, January 18, 2009

WEekend Work & Make Mine PRim

1. Did you all have a great weekend?

2. Did you work on any projects?

3. Cook some yummy food?

4. Watch any movies?

I can answer those- yes, yes, yes and yes.. lol

We finished putting in and staining the new window sills. I am so happy! They look very prim and rustic. This is /was one of those projects that was started over the summer but never got finished till now. Around here it seems like we get more of inside stuff done in cold weather. Our summers are spent gardening, lawn care and basically anything else outdoors! lol

See this surround sound speaker/woofer( the gray box in the middle of the pic below)?
It has been bugging me.
Why? Cause it just doesn't "fit in" with the whole prim look.

See this old radio? It was my grandfather's and had been setting in our storage building for a very long time. My 72 y/o aunt gave it to me when she moved down south. The radio itself didn't work( I kept the "innards" though). Somewhere, at sometime, the knobs got misplaced. hmm...

Well, the old radio got a redo. I set the speaker/woofer in the back of the radio. stopped at Orme's and picked up some drawer knobs.

I painted the knobs black and attached them with tacky glue.
I think they look like real dials( knobs).

Problem solved.........................

What do you think?

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