Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatcha Working on WEdnesday........

Painting, painting and more painting.....................

I am almost done.

Took a break yesterday evening and went to look for curtains. No luck.
I did get a cord hider to use under my shelf (to hide electric cord and speaker/home theater cord). They are less than $5.00 at Lowe's.
It drives me crazy to see a great shelf display and you see cords hanging down the wall.
The hider is plastic and you can paint it to match the wall. :)

I kinda, sorta like this idea if I was going for a cottagey look and had cords around the baseboards.

You can pull the cords through the fence pickets if needed.
It is made with thin balsam wood.

Oh, I did put a wooden heart on my door. Plus, I printed some Valentine tags to put on my tree.

Can you tell I am procrastinating the painting??

(sigh) Okay, okay I hear ya. Back to work..........................

You can head on over to Leslie's and see what everyone else is working on.


  1. Procrastination. That is a famous word around here. I am doing that all the time. I need to stop that and get to work on all the projects I have. Good luck finishing your painting!

  2. Get to work on that painting :) The sooner you get it done, the happier you'll be! I promise.

    I get to deal with speaker wires for the surround sound. I had Jeremy work on hiding them a little better this time but I still get to look at wires hanging down in the corner of my living room. I don't love it but I deal with it....sigh...

    I like the little picket fence thing but it's not like anyone would actually see that in my house! Everything's kind of packed in here..lol

    Curtains...that is why I have been making my own. I know what I want but refuse to pay the $40-50/windo for the treatments from some place on the web. It's much cheaper to buy the fabric. I spent $20 on the fabric that I bought for my living room windows and had I thought it out better and laid things together nicer when I cut out pieces, I probably could have gotten it for much less. Although, now I have lots of fabric pieces left over and maybe I can convince myself to make that patchwork quilt that I want for my bed! LOL

    My other issue is that my windows are not the traditional size and I'm sure you have that problem, too. The last time I bought panels for the living room, they were 3' too long and I had to hem them. Then the one window is larger than the other, but not quite big enough to treat it as a double window so the curtains are bunched more on the smaller one. Now I just measure and make them to fit perfectly :) I know you can sew, I've seen you make things. Curtains aren't hard, just annoying for me! LOL All of that folding under and pressing and seams to figure in but it's not bad once you get into it. It's getting easier with each one I make.

    Finish up that painting! That's an order! LOL

    Have a great day!


  3. I so look forward to seeing you rooms when you are done painting!!!

  4. Oh I hate cords too - I am always working on ways to hide them. I have so many gadgets that hook them to the back of furniture and I use the CS photographers tip and tape them the back of legs so they aren't visible.

    The picket is adorable!!

  5. Can you please post a link to the cord hiders that you got at Lowe's? I'd love to see what they look like. I'm striping wallpaper and intend to paint aft4r that, and would love to conceal those ugly lamp cords!

  6. Love the cord hiders, Love Lowe's - I tried to get my hubby to run electric in the concrete of our home - alas he just gave me overhead lighting! He'll regret soon enough. I am starting to paint also - but luckily mine is new construction so I don't have to be careful - I am sooooo excited! Good luck finishing yours!

  7. I can feel your pain about the painting. I painted 4 rooms this summer and it does get very tiring!

    I would also love to see the cord hider. I guess I don't get out much because I have never seen one. ha.

    Good luck on your painting and I look forward to seeing the finished product! :)

  8. I can't wait to see the finished rooms! I agree with you....hiding cords is just so hard!

    Have a great day! ~Beth~