Saturday, January 31, 2009

THis and THat

Good Saturday morning all,
I am drinking coffee and looking at the wonderful white stuff outside. :)
I thought I would post some "THIS and THAT" photos this morning.

THIS is a cute little doo-dad that I found online. Wouldn't it make a great Valentine's gift?

THAT is a pic of the weather and street conditions in our town on January 28, 2009. Actually this is mild compared to what it ended up looking like. (the courthouse steeple is in the middle of the background)

THIS is one of the items I picked up at the thrift store.
My question is, what can I do with it?

I also picked up 2 yards of an even weave linen for 99 cents and
a 3 piece ivory wool suit for $1.99.
The linen I am going to use for cross stitching on( with the help of a magnifying lamp, lol).
Now, I got to think of some ideas for the wool. :)

THAT is an image from the 1930's.

I hope we are never in dire straits like there was back then.
I look at people shopping at the thrift stores and the cheaper grocery stores in town. There are always nice cars in the lots right beside the older models( like mine). I think people are smartening up and tightening their belts. Thrift store shopping is not a bad thing like some think, nor does it have the stereotyping that it used to have. It doesn't mean you are poor or down & out, it means you are taking control of your money and being a savvy consumer.
I have shopped at thrift stores, yard sales and church sales all my life. I love it!
I love the thrill of finding a good bargain and saving money.

Do you?

Before I am off to read other blogs, I thought I would post some sites in case anyone needs them or would like to take a "gander". :)

Best deals & freebies everyday

Listing Of Free Medical ; Dental Clinics-All Over The USA

Walmart free samples( these change every Tuesday or Wednesday)
I usually get my free samples in about 10 -14 days from Walmart
We have gotten free Orville Redenbacher popcorn, Glad trash bags, Crest whitening strips, etc.

Purina is offering a $4.00 off coupon for cat food and they will donate $1.00 to a local shelter ( according to your zip code). Even if you don't have a cat, why not pick up a bag and DONATE IT to a shelter? It would cost you less than a dollar. Walmart has the food for $4.77 ( 3.5 lb. bag)
with coupon, your cost would be 77 cents!

Stay Warm,
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  1. Cool finds, and a great idea on the cat food. Our local shelters are dealing with record numbers of abandoned animals, so I'm sure this would help! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Kim, I just love looking at your blog. That picture of the 30's looks just like ones that my mom has of herself and her siblings. Yes, lets hope it doesn't get that bad...
    I, too, have a favorite Thrift Store, called 'Nearly New'...can't leave there with out a whole bag of stuff! Great finds.
    Have a good weekend. Natalie

  3. Kim, i found three of those paddles at a tag sale. I primed them up black, stenciled a star on each and sold them at my craft fair. I thought they would be cute hanging in a kitchen somewhere. it looked very primitive. How about on an end table with a candle on top? Dawn

  4. I think you should make a candle holder out of the paddle.

  5. Very Creative This & That. Loved the money saver ideas.


  6. Kim~
    I always love your posts on "this and that". I went thrfting today and things are getting less and less in the housewares dept.
    The cashier said that donations are down. I am hoping that when people start their spring cleaning the number of items will be more plentiful!
    I so love decorating with found items...The less expensive the better, right?
    Have a warm weekend!

  7. Here in Canada, our goodwill stores are a lot more expensive that America, but I love going there and I do think that it depends where one lives as to the stores stocking of items. In whitby where I live, it's a very sparce store, yet in the Pickering area, the store is always full of interesting items.'
    I am going to go north of the city to site see another Goodwill.

  8. Kim, you might want to check my blog! Get in touch with me when you get a chance! :)

  9. Hi Kim, I'm visiting from Terri's blog. Congrats on winning her apron! I love your blog and I am a thrift store addict! I love finding an item and deciding what I can do with it. Your snow picture is really pretty. We don't get much snow here in Georgia. Nice visiting with you and hope you have a good week. Let us all see your pretty apron when you get it.

  10. I saw a show that suggested donating old pet toys and outgrown beds, crates etc to shelters as well. We packed up stuff last week and did just that. I am going to go to the site for the Purina coupon!!

  11. It is nice to meet other thrift store shoppers-
    I have many things in my house that I have found- and now enjoy
    I have a lot of this and thats--LOL
    hugs from Meme

  12. Love your paddle-would make a neat candle board, after ya prim it up!

    Thanks for sharing so much good info with us ;)