Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MOre Stuff to show you...........

First, I want to give a big thank you to Char!!! We are both participating in a Valentine swap at the prim & rustic boards on Delphi forums. Char's swap goodie was the first one I received from this particular swap. :)

Remember me mentioning that when we painted the walls, I wanted to "prim" the doorknobs? Well, here is the new doorknob. It was done with Rustoleum hammered texture brown paint.

I think it looks old! :)

This is my significant other :) and handyman. I wanted something to put my spices on and gain more cupboard space. When living in a mobile home, space is at a premium, let me tell ya.

Ta-Da! I love it! :)

This little spice rack on wheels fits perfectly between the stove and refrigerator. there is even a little pull handle on the right end/side(kinda hard to see in the pic).

more pics.......... get to scrolling............................... :)