Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quiet Sunday Night........

This weekend was spent sewing, cooking and baking. One Santa is done and one to go. lol
Saundra, a friend of mine from high school is coming over tomorrow afternoon to work on some ornies for her tree. She is pretty new to prim and has nothing to start with.
Do you have any ideas of some easy things we can whip up ? She doesn't have a sewing machine so the sewing will be done here at my house. I have even been looking for some thrift store finds that we can make "prim".

Storm(dd#2) got a deer. She was only out about 3 hours on Saturday. I will post some pics of her deer from last year and this year probably tomorrow.. I know hunting is normally thought of as a boy thing but Storm has been hunting since she was about 10. Number one item on her Christmas list is a new rifle. I am very proud of her. She is an excellent marksman or should I say, "markswoman". :)
Deer is being processed into summer sausage, jerky, a couple steaks and the rest ground.

I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies this evening. Very good on a cold winter night.

Saturday I made a huge pot of potato soup. We finished it up this afternoon at lunch.

I did dry oranges to add to the trees(inside and out).

I hadn't done them in years. The last dehydrator we had broke about 2 years ago. This one in the pic I found at a yard sale over the summer. It cost me a whole $3.00.

I need to do some Christmas shopping. There are a few that I couldn't make them anything that they would be happy with whatsoever. Otherwise , everyone would be getting hommade. :)
Has anyone seen AIDA cloth anywhere? I wanted to do some cross stitiching like the cool prim/colonial ones I have seen lately. It seems to be scarce around here.
Usually I see some at the thrift stores, but of course , when I am looking for it. There is none.
So,what did you do this weekend?
Were you busy crafting, shopping , etc?


  1. Hi Kim- That potato soup sur looks good!
    If you can't find any aida cloth I may still have some form when hubby & I used to stitch.
    Let me know if you need me to look for it.

  2. I could use some soup now! It's cold!! I've been meaning to get to the store for some oranges (and apples) to dehydrate also. I love the way the house smells when they are "cooking"!

  3. Yummy thing happening where you are!
    Mabey some cinnamon prim scrolls...Nice easy starter craft.
    And look impressive too.
    Or a cinnamon dusted /decorated Jar??...Could even make it into a Chrissy themed one...Cute grubby tag and filled with Nuts and things??

  4. How about the candy canes from the Dollar Tree that you can wrap with muslin or homespun?

    The potatoe soup looks so good, DH loves it:)
    Let us know how everything goes, oh, a few years ago I found at GW a plastic bag full of dried apples and oranges for a $1.00♥

  5. Kim~I'm with Rondell about the candy canes wrapped in muslin~Also, the rag balls I made are so super easy and prim!
    Other than that...I'm clueless, because that is all I know how to make! LOL
    I wanted to know how you like this dehydrator? I purchased one just like this for my FIL for Christmas. Mine doesn't have the fan, So I was wondering how you like yours.
    Have a great week!

  6. I think Storm hunting is great! My husband keeps asking me to go hunting with him, but I haven't yet, lol. He just got himself a deer Thanksgiving weekend. I made venison chili last night. yummy! now I need to find some good recipes for the venison roast meat I have.. any ideas?

  7. I love the idea that your daughter hunts. Our daughter goes with her daddy still but she wants to go when she older. Your potatoe soup looks yummy! I am still trying to find a great recipe that I love!