Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thoughts at the end of Christmas...........

The day is almost gone… its hard to believe that all the anticipation, preparations, planning, cooking and gift wrapping is over in less than 24 hours. Sometimes it makes me sad. Sad to see the day go so quickly. It isn’t the family gathering and the giving of gifts that make me sad, it’s knowing that another year is almost gone.
In a few short days 2008 will be here. Life seems to have passed so quickly these last few years. Both of my daughters are out of high school, working and becoming their own person.

Storm & Samantha
I miss those Christmases of toys spread all over the house; looking for tiny pieces to games or Barbie doll shoes. I miss them waiting on Santa to come.
I hope they remember those Christmases and they pass it on to their own babies.
Do you ever wonder if your kids really know how much you love them? I mean, yes, they hear the words but do they really KNOW it? Do they know that this day, like any other day can’t ever be done over? I hope my girls know it.
I hope I have shown my girls how precious they are to me, how wonderful the holidays and any other day is when I get to spend it with them.
Sam (Samantha) is not home this Christmas and I miss her badly.
For so many years there was just us. I used to tell them we were ”The Three Musketeers”.
We were there for each other to lean on, to listen to. All the ups and downs we took on and got through it.

Can you tell I am feeling a little melancholy? It’s the traditions, the music, and the decorations that get me feeling like this.
December 26th always seems like such a let down after today. Not only is it the day after all the hustle and bustle of Christmas but also closer to the end of the year, closer to starting 2009.

I want to start making some plans. I feel very tired this evening and thinking of all the things I would like to do, things I would like to see and things I would like to learn next year. I would like to go on a trip, go exploring, learn a new language, learn to “sign”, lose some weight, redo some rooms in my home, and be well known for something, anything!
Have you decided what you will do different next year?

Will you make a New Year resolution and then not keep it?
I have started writing this down, making plans, not just thinking it, but actually writing down how I am going to accomplish my goals. I can keep saying it, but doing it is the way to get it done.

Tomorrow I am going to start taking down the decorations- the tree and ornies first. The pine garlands and snowflakes will be good till at least the middle of January.
When do you take down your decorations?

I need to start working on some new projects.
What are you working on right now?

Maybe make something new to put on my door.
What do you put on your door after Christmas?

I also have a ton of hardbacks that I want to read while its cold weather.
What kind of books do you like?

What swaps are you planning on joining or doing?
I love doing swaps. I love getting things in the mail that someone else has made. It’s like a small gift of a little part of you. J
There is nothing better than mail from a friend.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday; full of amazing memories.
Are you going shopping for the "post Christmas" sales?


  1. I feel the same way...where does the time go? We had a splendid day...the snow fell softly as the kids opened their gifts..there are leftovers still out on the dining room table and the kids have retreated to their rooms. We are undecorating on the 1st..as well as rearranging the livingroom furniture for a fresh look for 2009....I am looking forward to a good bottle of New Year's champagne I must admit!

  2. Wow, you have a lot on your mind this Christmas evening. First let me say, Merry Christmas to you!
    I too think that the time goes quickly and we must enjoy where we are right now. I am blessed to have all my children still at home and I am not looking forward to the day that they move away...so for now I count my blessings and thank the Lord for them.
    We celebrate the 12 days of Christmas (which start on the 26th) so we leave up our Christmas stuff for another 12 days. I am going to spend that time making new Christmas stockings for next year....what fun that will be.
    I too think that the day after Christmas is a sad day...everyone goes back to the same old stuff as before and the glow of Christmas seems to fade away...but I am going to spend the next week counting my blessings...want to join me? Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dianntha

  3. merry chrsitmas Kim to all of you there!

  4. Merry Christmas to you.

    I hope that you do the things you are planning in the coming year and enjoy every moment of it.

    Your questions got me to thinking so I am posting the answers (from me) on my blog.


  5. Oh I hear ya!
    It does go so fast!
    And our kids are so much of the magic of the festive season.
    Do they know how much we love them??
    I think no...Yes my kids would know they are infinately loved by me,But even that does'nt come close to just how much I am carzy mad in love with them.
    Christmas and watching their Joy just makes me realise all the more!
    Happy New year to you

  6. It does go by so fast...mine are all grown and gone but I'm so blessed to have them all home on Christmas day!

    I think our children know that we love them with all our heart, mom and dad have been gone for a while now but thinking back on all they did for me I know that they loved me with all their heart♥

    I'm trying to find a good book to read...I love to read!

    I always wait till after the new year to take down the decorations and will this year too!

    Have a great day!

  7. Merry Christmas, Kim - a day late! I was just a bit busy yesterday, though, so late greetings are the order of the day!


  8. Sounds like your post has gotten alot of us thinking. Yes, both my girls,too, have started their own lives away from our home town...career plans, relationships, lifestyles, etc. I was thrilled to have them both around this Christmas, as I'm sure this opportunity will be less and less in the future.
    Decorations? We'll leave them up till New Years Day.
    Projects? Knitting and organizing my house! After spending yesterday afternoon helping my SIL rearrange in my MIL's den, I realize that I don't want my accumulation of stuff to ever grow that large!!
    Swaps? Sounds fun...I'll play!!
    Shopping? With 2 daughters in the house, we'll be out later today.
    Have a good day. Natalie

  9. I have nearly an identical list of hopes and wishes. Since I have Lupus and Scleroderma, I am going to strive to make my list come true. As mothers and wives, we spend our life fulfilling our family's lists of wants and put ours on the back burner.
    Don't wait until your health prevents you from fulfilling your own list. Life is too short and too unpredictable.
    Have a happy and successful New Year.

  10. Melancholy, me too. I think as mom's we work so hard to make Christmas special for our family. It is over so fast. It is a let down. I am always feeling blue afterwards. I am going to take my decorations down too.

  11. Kim:

    I'm exhausted from all the Christmas planning and spent 2 days recooperating from the cooking, cleaning, crafting, shopping and wrapping.

    I plan on starting the new year with a snowman party in January!(Hopefully, I'll be able to pull this off)

    I plan on starting some snowman crafts which I've had in the planning stages for awhile now.


  12. I'm so glad you stopped by - and am THRILLED that you added my blog ... I'll be sure to do the same. You have a wonderful blog - so festive and cheerful ♥

    Count on my returning often :)