Friday, January 28, 2011


The weather is cold and snowy. I know we can't change it , but we can count down the days till Spring. :)
While its miserable outside; I have been puttering around the house.
-The master bedroom is painted
-Still need to hang curtains
-Got night stand lamps today at a thrift store
-Also picked up a small lamp to set on top of the dryer. had an electric candle, but this is so much better. :)
- Need to make new throw pillow covers for the living room
-Second bedroom is still in remodeling phase( the same as it has been for months). :(

The last couple weeks I have been lacking in motivation.

Things I have done; I am just not 100% satisfied with.

Needing some ideas of what to set on the shelves. Right now, its just folded up napkins. (blah)Though not very original; it did look completely bare when I took down the pictures..

Black star was in my stash pile, white plate from some junk a neighbor was getting rid of.
Rusty wire cloche was a thrift store find, $1.00.

Distressed "H".

The rest of the letters.

Not sure I am liking this..........
Stay tuned.


  1. Do you have a print you could hang about the little cabinet and maybe put the HOME on top of the shelf??? Do you do any cross stitching...that would be great hanging about the shelf too. I would hang some wonderful linens on the ladder at least for starters...lol might try something like that and see what you think. Dianntha

  2. Love the changes...so pretty! I also have a to-do list and mine never seems to get any shorter! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  3. I too was thinking along the lines that Dianntha was thinking. A small quilt of bright color or afgahn, something nice and colorful would do nicely on one of the ladder rungs. Just sayin......