Sunday, March 20, 2011

Input Appreciated ;)

It seems like finding projects to do around here are the norm.
I got a table yesterday that I am planning on using outside on the deck.
It may need  changed  up a little. :) I will get a picture of it real soon.
Have you seen any great DIY outdoor decorating ideas?? Got any in your faves ?.
The deck is small (8 ft x 10 ft.) so I don't really have room for huge patio sets, fire rings and alll that kind of  stuff.

Don't mind the furniture setting on it- those pieces are gone. We gave them away on Freecycle.

I want to paint the two wood chairs( one chair and one chaise) on the deck. But what color?? I know, I don't have a picture of them either, right now. Just imagine a wood chaise and chair. :)
They also need new cushions. Seen any great deals on them??


  1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog. The spindles you see actually are above the microwave. If I take them down then the gap there is really large. I will have to see if there is some other solution for that.
    As far as your furniture goes...well you could go with a light gray and make all the color be in the cushions...just a thought! How about a small water fountain like a table top size?? Dianntha

  2. I see white washed color of the chair with gingham cushions. That's as far as my vision got this morning...I need another cup of coffee! Nice Blog ya got here!

  3. I think they'd look lovely white.

    You could make some pillows if you're crafty. It might also be nice to add an outdoor rug.


  4. Hello again. I got the white pears at Kohls last spring. I did think about painting the handles just not sure if it will hold the paint. Dianntha

  5. I did all my deck stuff in a neutral cream and then I put the pop in the cushions using the new teal color and brown and white. The sky's the limit. Also consider the color or your home siding and shutters etc when picking colors.I would definitely recommend an outdoor area rug, they add a lot of charm. I was on a budget with mine I got my cushions at big lots and area rug at Roses. I got some lanterns from the goodwill which I'm going to put some citronella in for out on my deck. you can put an old trunk out there to hold your cushions when you expect bad weather or to store a blanket in to cuddle up with during nighttime...ok i've written a novel i'll stop now lol can't wait to see what you do.