Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Stuff

Today has been great!
The weather was warm and..........
 I found something(s) good. 

Am thinking of putting this in the bedroom/ computer/craft room we are
working on.
Yea, its the one I have been working on forever!!
It seems like it takes a backseat to everything else that needs done.
I love the keyholes!
 The small details bring me smiles.

I fell in love with this old frame.
I need some ideas of what to put in it.
The ceiling is going to be white and the walls, Valspar's "Pelican"and the trim( and flooring) Walnut..
I was thinking maybe a very light aqua or turquoise?
Or do you consider those the same color?


  1. apiece of cross stitch would be perfect got that old frame. aqua and turquoise are two different colors. denise

  2. That chest is absolutely gorgeous! How about a tan linen background and a skeleton key in the frame?