Thursday, October 27, 2011

Going from that to this.......

Summer is gone; just like that.
I keep thinking back to May and how I said I was going to enjoy the summer months that loomed ahead.
What happened?

I know what happened-its called LIFE.
This summer I spent hot, miserable and just out of sorts.
no projects were really finished.
I lacked the motivation, the drive and the energy..
 I enjoyed the lake when I could.
I wish I could live there , on the edge, watching seasons turn into one another.
I guess you could say I was in a slump of sorts.
between that and everything under the sun going wrong:.
hot water tank
new flooring(because of the leaking tank)
mower kicked the bucket
helping my dad
doctor's appt. ( am all straightened out- except to lose some weight)

I wish I could do summer over; enjoy it the way I wanted to;. 
 more beach time, yard sales, and having coffee outside on early weekend mornings.

Now, I am on to this............. Fall.
loving the little bits of sun between rain showers.
watching the leaves fall
wearing sweatshirts
thinking of the holidays
getting back to posting more often
working on projects
enjoying the days

Going from that to this............  

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  1. Hey girl! Good to hear from you, been thinking about you hoping you were okay. I have been in a funk too. Not sure when I will get snapped out of it!