Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good morning, its 4:52 AM

Up early this morning(since 3:36 am) to get the house cleaned, showered and ready to go to Ohio's Amish Country.
I told my friend Saundra to remind me to bring the camera. :)
I did get a cell phone that also has a camera on it ,but I am still trying to figure it out. lol
I have T-MOBILE "pay as you go" phone plan and wasn't even sure if a camera phone was available for that type of service, found out it was!! So I posted looking for one on Freecyle and got a few replies!! This one is a pretty blue Nokia.
If you haven't ever used your local Freecyle , try it out.
We have found lots of goodies there.
Be back soon

p.s. I still have flowers to get planted...... it's never ending............ :)


  1. Have a great time today. And take lots and lots of pics!
    I love Amish country!!!

  2. I wish I could go...do they still sell the Amish tapioca? That stuff was sooo good. Have a terrific Thursday ~Natalie

  3. have fun! wish i was going with you, lol! take lots of pictures for us :)

  4. How fun!
    I would love to go to visit there too!

  5. Oh, I hope you took your camera! :) And I hope you had a fabulous time!

  6. Hope you had a great time. I tried to take pics once and they told me I wasn't allowed.