Saturday, June 6, 2009


Omg, I can't believe its the weekend again.
The weather outside is beautiful! I am going to clean up the house a little and head out to the yard.
I know I said I was done with planting flowers but, we went to Fred's Market in Zanesville.
If you have never been to Fred's you need to! The place is out on Putnam Ave and well worth the trip. The perennials are $1.69 each. annuals are $1.59 a 4-6 pack.
He still has a huge selection as most other greenhouses are already closing for the summer or have a limited selection.

Yesterday I went to a couple yard sales.
Really didn't find a whole lot. My big purchase of the day was a like new Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright. I got it for $5.00. We were yard saling in a super nice housing edition. The lady said it ran but wasn't picking up anything and she couldn't find her receipt to take it back...... she said it was only a month old and they had moved to this new house and rooms have central vacuum system( must be nice). I gave her the $5.00 and brought it home. The problem was a broken belt. ( Can I say she was young, dumb and has too much money to spend?) Well, I said it anyways. ;)
Back to the story, I jumped back in the SUV and went to Walmart... which is an event all its own. Our Walmart is remodeling and everything is completely opposite of where it used to be( except the food section). I now was looking for cat food where the shoes were, I couldn't even find the shoes, the Doritos were in what used to be the baby aisles. Its just crazy!!
I asked 3 clerks where to find the magazines but no one knew. Was looking for the new Country Sampler but that didn't happen at Walmart that's for sure.
Anyways, after putting on the new belt- it works like a dream!!!!
I also found a box of new tack strips( for putting down carpet) for $1.00. I know I don't need them right now but they are pretty pricey when you do need them; especially for a whole box.
I did get a green enamelware bean pot with beans and chili mix included for free. lol
Oh, I almost forgot. I got my sister a dehydrator for $2.00. Last Christmas I had made dried orange slices to put on my tree and she was wanting to do some too. Now she has her own. :)
I haven't gotten my Uncle Sam doll done yet. I have been slacking.
I also need to get a pic of the swap goodies that I received from
KIM @ KIM'S Kreations

Next Thursday , I am going with my friend, Saundra and her sister Nancy to Amish Country. Saundra goes there alot more than me and she knows the inside scoop of all the back roads places. :)
Her sister , Nancy, is a wonderful person, just all around great! She is so nice to talk to. :)

Someone remind me to take my camera.


  1. Please take your camera - you find the best stuff and I like to live vicariously through you and your shopping nirvana! Or something like that! :)

  2. great deals for sure! definitely take your camera to amish country!

  3. I am so jealous... a trip to amish country. I have always wanted to visit there. Don't forget your camera to share with us.

    Take care,