Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Outdoors Project

I am hoping that everyone is staying warm and sipping tea or hot chocolate. :)
The weather here has been in the 40's and very mild.
It is muddy though; you can see little paw prints on the kitchen floor in a few spots. :)
I have been trying to clean out one of the bedrooms that during the kitchen renovation and the holidays, I CRAMMED full of all the surplus. It has got to go!! I can't even stand opening the door! I am to the point I just want it out of here. My plans are to completely clean out the room, pull the carpet up and paint the walls as a start. I am leaning toward more primitives in the room but want to stay in the taupe and cream color range( at least right now that's what I am thinking, lol).

Anyways, I was outside today with our dog, Adam and was also removing the pine boughs.
It made me realize how bare the yard looks. :(
I was looking around online and seen these-


Now I am thinking these are pretty cool and would go with just about any decor.
The best part is they would be super easy!!! Everyone is always tweaking and primping inside their homes but what about outside? Sure, its too cold for flowers, but what about other ideas to perk up things outdoors?

While you are there check out some of the before and after projects they have shown. :)

Be back soon. :)


  1. Hi Kim, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to do some reading off of your reading list tonight about saving some more money! It seems I go to the store and in 3 days I hear "there's nothing to eat in this house!" My toughest thing to buy is snack food, that's healthy, nutritious and fills up the boys. Meals aren't the problem, I can whip up a meal for just a few dollars for the family. As Arnold says "I'll be back!" ~Ann

  2. Hi. Those lanterns would be great. I never think much of decorating outside after Christmas cuz it's just too cold. Can't wait to see them if you give it a try.