Sunday, January 24, 2010

Something good comes my way...

Something good was in my mail recently.........

This is the hand painted sign that I won from Char.
I love it!!!
Thank you so much Char! I have gotten alot of compliments on it. :)

I have been in a crafting "funk" lately.

(funk- A feeling or spell of dismally low spirits: blues, dejection, depression, despondence, despondency, doldrums, dolefulness, downheartedness, dumps, dysphoria, gloom, glumness, heavy-heartedness, melancholy, mope (used in plural), mournfulness, sadness, unhappiness.)

Yep, that's me!!

There are a few projects that I want to work on, but every time I look at the other things on my list I need to get done, it depresses me.
I have one of the bedrooms cleaned out and still have one more to go. The one that is left is the worst!!! ugh!!! I want to be crafting but then I think CLEAN, CLEAN CLEAN!! gosh, its awful!

I spent about 4 hours yesterday online looking at crafting ideas and makeovers. There is lots of inspiration out there!! :)

Today I really didn't feel like cleaning and we had company( which is the best excuse for not cleaning). Tomorrow, I am determined to get busy and get it cleared out ( well, at least some of it).

Want to see how bad it is???

Forget it, I am too embarrassed.


  1. lol, i've been unmotivated to clean too! I finally did last week and it did feel good to see a nice clean/organized house :)
    love the new sign!

  2. It must be the cloudy weather...we need some sun to get us up and perky!
    I have crafting AND cleaning to do too. UGH!
    What the heck am I doing on the computer when there is so much to do...I am actually looking for inspiration!

  3. I know the feeling. I have a ton I want to do , but have more I need to do.