Monday, February 1, 2010


Spent the weekend puttering around the house, watching TV and wrapped in warm blankets- my idea of "nesting". :)
The weather channel says possible snow tomorrow. :(

I have been in "Spring cleaning" mode, even though Spring is a few weeks away.

The wallpaper border is down in the bathroom. The next step is painting. My bathroom is white and I really like it like that; even if white is not primitive style. I am looking to change the accessories though. I want things rustic(I think) or vintage. I was looking at the Pottery Barn website and they have lots of cool ideas and items. I couldn't afford to buy most of their goodies but looking gives me all kinds of ideas. :)

The bedroom cleaning is coming along-there is at least a path now. lol

I made a big pot of beef stew on Saturday. It sure tasted great on such a cold day.

Storm and our cat Lucille aka "loose wheel"

Storm is sharing an apt. in Columbus with a couple other friends. She is trying to do school , work and pay her own way in life. I am proud of her for trying and realizing that I am here whenever she needs me, for whatever she needs me for. I am proud of both my daughters. :) Parents arent always perfect and I know along the way I may have made my share of mistakes in parenting, but I have always been there for them no matter what- and always will be.


  1. sounds like a great weekend. i just saw the lunchtime news here and they said possible snow late tonight into tomorrow? NO!!! no more snow. i want spring!!!
    you're such a cute, proud momma!

  2. What a perfect way to spend the weekend!

  3. Couldn't ask for a better way to spend the weekend...warm and cozy and with some good stew!

  4. Great way to spend a cold weekend.

    Good for Storm!!! Her mama taught her right lloks like!!!