Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday night ramblings, a project to share

Thought I would hop on and talk for a while. Well, I guess I mean type for a while. :)

The weather here has been rainy off and on since my last post. Yesterday it did let up enough that we got the grass mowed.

I am still reading the book, "Moving On" and trying to do some decluttering in my life.

Years ago, and I do mean year ago( like in the late 80's and 90's), my idea of decorating was straight from Home Interior shows. It seemed like I had a show or went to a show at least twice a month. I loved it!! I loved the idea of someone giving me suggestions on what to put on my walls, the friendship of other women and the "me" time. I wasn't just mommy or someone's wife; I was me. I got to say things and do things that were not part of my daily routine.

After the girls' dad and I split in the late 90's, I wanted a more "laid back" home. I wanted it to be cute and cozy. This is when I yearned for the country style, at least the cute country style. Oh, I had the gingerbread men theme in the kitchen; dolls, stitcheries and rag balls were included in the living room. In the past year , I have been changing again. Maybe its because I am getting older, maybe its because I am finding me, or maybe I just like the "less is more" look. Don't get me wrong, I still love, love, LOVE primitives , but..................... I am more interested in the lean and clean( thats what I call it)rustic look. I discovered Pottery Barn and Horchow websites. I know some of their things are pricey, but guess what?? You would be amazed at some of the knockoffs that bloggers are creating to get the same look.
I discovered blogs who some would think of as shabby instead of primitive but not to me they aren't. To me, they look clean and natural and still primitive- just not the black and other deep colors that everyone seems to lean towards.

These days I am looking at creams, taupes, creamy browns, blues and golden yellows. mind you, I still like looking at stitcheries, dolls, stars and crows. I just have gotten away with decorating with them so much. Anyone else feeling like that?

Maybe its just me.

I wrote this saying on my rustic( primitive) chalkboard. Its actually an excerpt from a quote in the book, "Moving On". It says exactly what I feel.

For now, its a keeper. :)

Next is a little project I did.

I keep missing posting on , Tutorial Tuesday, Whatcha Working on Wednesday and Transformation Thursday.

So I am calling this project day, "Finish it up Friday". :)

I have had the fabric for years and years (seriously, years and years). The keys I picked up at a yard sale- got the whole box for $1.00. The picture frame came from Dollar Tree( gotta love that store!).

I keep looking at all the great things other bloggers are working on and thought I needed to do something.

So............................... here is a little something I threw together.


I used spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the photo board. The spray gives it a nice smooth finish. Next, I placed the mat on top. I did this so I would know where I wanted to place the keys to keep them somewhat even.

The keys are attached with craft glue. The mat board was deep enough that the keys didn't stick up and I could still use the glass, instead of leaving it open. Thats a good thing, I didn't want it to get dusty or dirty too soon.

This weekend, we are going to take out one of the bedroom doors and make it a solid wall.
The door on the right is going to be eliminated.

Excuse the mess, please.
I will explain more about the project later.


  1. Love the keys project! Nice greyhound on the couch!!! Glad to see I am not the only one who lets their greys on the furniture!

  2. Love the keys...I might try one myself. Dianntha

  3. 要持續更新下去喲!!祝你心情愉快.............................................

  4. I love your key project!
    I too am somewaht tired os my primitive decorating- I agree less is more!