Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mirror Makeover and......

Was looking for something to go with the skeleton key picture that I made last week. I was thinking it looked lost on the wall.
Found these wonderful ( lol) southwestern style mirrors. Pretty sure they used to be sold through Home Interior. Anyways, I got the set for 79 cents. I figured at that price, I couldn't go wrong.

Ta- Da!!!!
Took them home and spray painted them black!! I put one above the picture and the other, well, I haven't decided where to put it. :)

Oh, and I keep forgetting to mention.........................

Check out my new ride!!!!!!
Its the perfect thing for yard saling or going to get plants.
Actually, I just said to my mom, I wasn't going to take this truck yard saling. After all, I don't think I could get great deals in this... The old Explorer( you can see it in the background) is more for bargaining in. lol
Anyways, its not new, new. but... its new to me and I love it!!!! I bought it from my dad. He had/has stickers on the back window that says, "coal miner's son". His dad( my grandpa) was a coal miner. Those stickers are staying cause I am proud of where I came from.

These Peonies( "pineys", my Grandma Ogle used to call them) are growing like crazy!! I picked some to bring inside.
Next post I will tell you more about the "pineys" and show you some other stuff.
The door is out and the wall has been framed in and painted!! yea!!!!

I am participating in....


  1. Your mirror looks great and wow will you be able to haul home lots of treasures in that truck!! My "pineys" are starting to bloom as well. Can't wait to bring them in!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love your truck and those mirrors came out cute cute cute!!


  3. I love peonies. I live in the deep South and they won't grow here. I sure wish they would. I would have a yard full of them.