Thursday, February 19, 2009

GOod THursday MOrning

Good Morning Everyone,
I woke this morning to wind and blowing flurries.
I guess I can put the bathing suit away. tee hee
I didn't get to work on anything yesterday; just too many interruptions to "buckle down" and get busy.
I did have a chance to stop at a local thrift store (and found vey few goodies). There were a couple ladies shopping next to me and talking about they were buying to resell. Do any of you do that? Most of the things I find around here are pretty much what they go for. I don't see how they make any money to resell. Now, I have done this with yard sale goodies. I have found that yard sales are more cheaply priced and usually better goods.
The predictions this year are that yard sales will be more abundanat and better goods. The economy is going to be the reason; people need extra money, besides getting rid of extra clutter.:)

(some cutters from yard saling 2008)

Anyone planning on having a sale or just shopping at one?

We are definitely having one! lol
I buy alot of little "this and thats" at sales to decorate with. Some I keep and others( most), I don't keep for long. The thing is I don't mind getting rid of an item if I didn't spend alot for it to begin with. I just can't see keeping things just to have stuff. I feel better when I have things a little more sparse. Now sparse to some is not what I picture. I like my crocks, stoneware, handmades(hand-dids) and antique items. The "dust bunny collector goodies", I just can't see having.
Anything you want me to keep an eye out for while thrifting?

Someone ask me where I thrift store shop..............

We have two stores in Cambridge , Ohio
Goodwill Industries( on southgate parkway)
Community Treasures( on Wheeling ave.)
I like them both. Community Treasures is nonprofit(unlike Goodwill) all money made goes back into our community. I don't think alot of people are aware of that.

I also go to
Goodwill Industries, Zanesville, Ohio( Maple ave)
they have a large assortment of bigger pieces.

My VERY much favorites are the

Ohio Thrift , and Value Thrift Stores in Columbus , Ohio.
Let me tell ya, those stores are like shopping at Walmart!
Quite a few of them are near Ohio State University, and Devry. You wouldn't believe some of the great stuff those college kids pitch cause they don't want to pack them to take back home or to move on. I usually find lots of vintage items too. Plus, these stores use different colored tags. Everyday a different color is either 50% or 75% off!
and...... usually in May, is the West Lafayette, Ohio communty yard sales. woohoo!!
Want to know a little about this town?
Do any of the communties around you have big yard sales?
I will be back soon. Let's put together a list of yard saling tips. :)


  1. You definitely have the credentials to write a thrifting/yard sale tip book. My hat's off to you - I've never even seen the type of stuff you find at our thrift stores!

  2. I could only dream of the thrifting you do....not much of that down here in southeastern Texas. I grew up in northeastern Ohio where my parents still live...I dream of all the wonderful places to thrift and the antique malls they have there sure do miss it!!

    Have a great day!

  3. you're so lucky we have no thrift stores or consignment shops here : *sobs hysterically* lol

    not much yard sailing goes on here either I guess I need to move eh? LOL

    thnx so much for posting the easter basket challenge on your site HUGS

  4. We don't have any good stores and I don't go to Columbus very often because I hate the traffic. lol Dianntha

  5. We have several thrift stores around here...I usually don't find much, except in some of the children's stores for things for Noah. I don't usually go to yard sales either...I have trouble waking up early:) I know by the time I get out there everything worth going will be gone.

    My family does have at least one yard sale every year though..usually two or three. We typically use the money we make on our summer vacations..for food and shopping and whatnot. We do pretty well...at least we think so...and make around $300-$400 per sale, occasionally more. Some things we've noticed are that different things sell better at different times - one year we sold a TON of old Christmas things, then the next sale we had, nothing like that sold at all. One thing that always does sell very well, though, is my clothing. I'm pretty small in size, so people tend to buy my things for their teenage daughters. I have a feeling that Noah's clothing will sell well this year too. Just a couple of things to add to your list:)

  6. I shop at Goodwill and Variety Village here in Canada. Use to do Sally Ann, but they became too expensive. I agree, I don't know how you could buy for resale either.
    I do look for linens and fabrics as I quilt.
    by the way, we pay more in Canada than you do in the US.

  7. I'm so looking forward to garage saling this summer. I sure hope the pickens are good!
    I can't wait to see what others are picking up this summer!
    When we pick up the girls from OU we go around Columbus to miss all of the traffic...wonder if I can persuade Joe to go out of the way a little!