Wednesday, February 11, 2009

OKay, Okay...........

Please do not harm me..............lol. Here are the pics.
I have a few more but the camera is screaming low battery....

First, I want to give a great big thank you to Terri !! I won the apron giveaway and it came today! Terri , I love it, I love it!!
Look at the beautiful colors and stitchery!!
You rock girl!!

and she included chocolate! :) I wonder how many will fit in each pocket? lol

These are some goodies that I picked up at the thrift store.

star hooks 99 cents each
bowl 2.99 ( this is the 3rd one I have found)
rolling pin with white wood handles 1.99
old broom 99 cents( I don't know if its worth anything but I like it)
flag( it's tea stained already) 2.99
wood box 79 cents

I also found this cutesy photo album for 69 cents

Ta-Da!! It is now a coupon book.

I had been looking for the baseball card insert pages to be able to use a binder to hold coupons. Well, this is even better.

Bye for now, Kim


  1. I am so glad your package made it safely, and I really do hope you like it! I gave one (almost exactly like yours) to Melissa, as well, but she didn't get chocolate! :)

    You find the best stuff at your thrift stores - I am so jealous!

  2. Nice apron, great TS finds, and I love the coupon book. I could really use one of those.

  3. Thank goodness that you finally posted your thrifty finds!
    You found the best flipping items! That is your third trencher bowl? Heck, I can't even find one!!!!!!
    You made out wonderfully!
    It was well worth the wait, I wasn't disappointed at all!

  4. Hi Kim!
    I just loved looking at all your thrift store finds. My post today was about the stuff I found yesterday. I love me a bargain!!
    Thank for sharing! I like your blog!

  5. I LOVE the coupon book!! How did you make it, Please share!

    Great finds, wish I could find something nice...just one lil something..lol..

  6. Adorable coupon book. As always you put your special touch on it! Love it!

  7. Kim, where is this thrift store. Your finds are great. I got the bug and went to our local Goodwill yesterday in Winston-Salem,NC and go a couple of things but nothing anywhere close to your great items. The blue box was awesome. Thanks for showing us. Sherie

  8. Oh my the stuff people get rid of in your area is unreal!! I love it all, but that box is too cute!!

  9. Great finds, Kim! And congrats on winning a giveaway! Isn't that the best feeling?! I never win so I'm still happy when I think about the giveaways I won :)

    Have a great night!


    P.S- I forgot to tell you earlier that you have to be kidding about Aften and barettes! She won't let us fix her hair because it feels funny . She has beautiful blonde hair with natural hightlights that people would kill for and you can't do a thing to it but comb it and send her on her way...

  10. Love your goodies..and WOW...love your thrift finds! Right down my alley...I love the coupon book re-do.


  11. Love what you did with the photo album, I have a binder with baseball card holders that I use for my coupons and it is falling apart so I will try this with mine.

  12. Hi, Kim - just wanted to thank you for the great paper bag valentine in Sarah's swap. Happy valentine's day!

  13. Hi Kim,

    Please contact me with your mailing address -- you won one of my One World One Heart prizes!!

    webspinner51 AT yahoo DOT com


  14. Happy Valentine's Day!!!
    Awesome goodies! And congrats on the giveaway apron it's very pretty love the colors.

  15. Hi Kim!
    Geeeeesh you and Janene always find such good stuff! ;)
    I love that little coupon binder!
    Congrats on your winnings!