Monday, July 13, 2009

GOodies To SHow You

This past Saturday we went to Zanesville , Ohio for the beginning of the Pottery festival.
The weather was beautiful .

I did get some goodies I want to show you.................

This 10 gallon crock cost me a whopping $10.00!!!

I am loving it! I wish they weren't so darn heavy I would ship them to ya. :)

I also bought a 2 gallon crock for $2.00. The crocks are at OHIO Pottery in Norwich, Oh.
( just in case anyone is close by).

The small prim crocks, jugs and cup were won at a quarter toss. I was thrilled !
No, I didn't win them, my SO did. He tossed 6 quarters and won 4 things.
I was soooo happy. He even picked all prim ones, but I knew he would. That guy loves primitive goodies as much as me. :)
Notice the white sack sticking out behind the big crock? That is a bag( or what is left of a bag) of large cashews. We stopped at Tom's Ice Cream Bowl and got some to go.
A visit to the Goodwill in Zanesville was also one of our stops. I got a couple things to redo. Wait till you see them! :)

Today, we worked on wood lids to put on the large crocks. I will probably post those pics for Leslie's ,Whatcha Working on Wednesday. It's been a long time since I participated. The weather has been much cooler , I am feeling better and I think I am out of my slump.

Our first cukes were picked today. :) No, we don't have a large garden, it probably measures a whole 6 ft. x 8ft.( if that).

Terri , don't get mad at me for getting my apron dirty. It's been washed twice so far this summer and still looks as good as new..
My neighbor across the road( the good neighbor) asked me where it come from. I told her a new designer from Clay Hill Farms. :)

I know alot of you really liked Country Home magazine. I know I did and I do miss it!

I do have some good news!

There is a new magazine that is in the works.....

Want to know the name?


Want to know more about it??

Well go to .............................


Oh, it's going to be a good one!!


  1. What a DEAL!!! I love crocks...you can never have to many! Beth

  2. Hey you were in my neck of the woods. I have I have a couple of the large crocks since DH worked there before they shut down. I don't move them often because they are heavy. Can't wait to see what you found at GW.

  3. What a great find! I know what you mean about the crocks being heavy!
    Ha HA! I've been hauling around a #2,#4,#12 that were my great Aunt for 20 years. I love them

  4. Oh, those crocks are fabulous! One of these days I want to do a blog shopping meet-up so we can all go thrifting together - how much fun would that be?

    I am so glad you're enjoying the apron - it was definitely meant to be used! I'm glad it's holding up, because I now know that Joann's cottons aren't always the highest quality - I didn't know that before I started the quilting thing!

  5. hi, are you the one that organizes the simple needs show, if so contact me :) gio