Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Whatcha working on Wednesday?

I have been doing a little bit of decluttering around the house.
One of the areas was the top of my wall cupboard.

I packed up, graters, a crow and some small crocks to add to the yard sale stash.

This is the "after " pic.

The doll at the right side of the cupboard lost her wood wings when I put her in the washer. I know, I know, I should have known better...but, she was dirty ........

This is the little amount of corner space I have to work with. I put the toaster and other stuff that we seldom use in the cupboard( after I cleaned it out). I did find a good use for my firkin. :)

There was one yard sale this morning. This is the first time I have ever went to a yard sale on a Wednesday, and it was a rainy Wednesday at that!

The gnome $1.00, black swan $1.00 and old lazy susan $1.00!!!
Today must have been the day for $1.00 items because...................................

These were $1.00 too!!
I am loving them! They are so old.

Can you see the little buttons on the sides?

Stop over by Leslie's and see what everyone else is working on. :).


  1. Your revamped cupboard looks wonderful!
    I love to declutter....but then for some reason, unknown to me, it gets all cluttered up again! Why is that?

  2. I love your yardsale goodies! Wish I could find a Wednesday yardsale!


  3. What do you mean crocks and graters packed up for a yard sale!!

    Lets see what u have, i may need something!!

  4. Love the vignette on the top of your cupboard - I need to steal your ideas, my friend! My cupboard tops just look cluttered, and yours are so cute!

  5. Great job on the top of the cupboard. Love the long gloves with buttons.

    Oh and the other cupboard in your last post is wonderful too!


  6. Everything looks great, Kim. Great finds, too!

    All of my little appliances are in the cuboards, too. The only thing that is out is the coffee pot, everything else only comes out when it's needed. We just don't have the space!

    Have a great day :)


  7. Kim,
    Everything looks great. Igot my swap goodies, and looooove them..everything was perfect!! Cant wait to find the perfect spots for them.

  8. The cupboard looks wonderful along with you corner. Now will you come declutter for me???? LOL You did great at the yard sales!!!!
    Many Blessings~Judy

  9. We dont have yard sales here in Sri Lanka bcs no one ever throws anything away! Your finds are so gorgeous.