Thursday, July 9, 2009

My How Things have CHanged

Hi all,
I hope everyone is doing great and keeping busy this summer. :)
I just pulled three more cucumbers this morning.
I was going through some old photos and thought I would show you a little of my decorating history.
Sometimes I look back at christmas pics, old magazines and things online and think wow!
Did I actually like that stuff? Or is it just my way of getting to where I am now? Maybe I am one of those kind of people who have to "live" through it to know if I really like it.

This one is from 1998

Notice the massive amount of Home Interiors? I had a party every month or every other month.
I can't believe that I liked brass. lol

Here we are at 2002

This was my idea of country decorating.
I can say it was much more relaxed and less stuffy.
I still have the handmade scarf that is on the table.

Today- 2009

So much better!! All the clutter is gone! The walls are in much better shape( and color)
The furniture is soft and comfy. I love kicking off my shoes and putting my feet up.
The coffee table is made from 1837 barnwood. It doesn't matter if you have your shoes on it , set a sweating glass down , or the nieces play with cars on it cause the marks add character . ;)

Got any photos of your "old" decorating style?


  1. I'm very minimilistic in my decor at home and the less is more seems to creep into us as we age...too much dusting and cleaning.
    I love the lighter look of the room. It does indeed look like one could just relax there.

  2. Kim,
    My beginning posts on my blog focused on the changes I made around here. It wasn't from when we moved in because I didn't have a digital camera and wasn't about to waste money on developing photos of the mess we called a home at the time. I'm just surprised at home much my home has changed in the last two years. Although, I see that I am not changing things as often, not reorganizing as much so I must be much more happier.

    Jan from over at the HGTV boards said that your home has really changed. I shared you blog link with her because she was always in love with how you took your mobile home and decorated it. Back then we didn't know many people with mobile homes that cared to share photos and who cared enough to decorate it like a home. I remember the first time I saw your WebShot album...I stalked you and look now, all of these years later we're buddies :)


  3. Love the newest style so much brighter and it looks more homey.

  4. How fun to relive the old memories...just think in five years you will think this is out of date too. LOL Dianntha

  5. Love the change you made. I think most of us around here decorated from home shopping parties years ago! I love the primitive look the best! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Okay, are you sure those weren't pics of my home? I got married in 96 and everything was Home Interiors and brass. I searched every garage sale to find brass shelves or candle holders- hee hee. Then, I went into the clutter country stuff too. Finally I feel clutter free and cozy. Cool. Thanks for reminiscing. Kim

  7. I like the new look! Like you, my decor has gone through many incarnations - often dictated as much by what I could afford as what I liked. I don't think I have any photos, though!

  8. I love how the room looks now--and LOVE the barnwood table! Happy weekend! :)

  9. Hi Kim!
    Boy it's been forver since I've been over to "see" ya...life gets away from me!
    Love how you've changed up that room!
    How are your gardens doin?
    Hopefully your weather has been better than ours...my gardens are way behind, some things didn't bloom at all :( we had a hard freezes (2 in a row) just as some of my lilies were forming buds. Bummer!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    PS I'm havin a giveaway if you're interested ;)

  10. Love your current living room, it looks so cozy and inviting.
    I got rid of all my home interior stuff too - like you, at one time I liked all that brass.....what were we thinking??!!! lol


  11. Hey Kim! Thanks for your compliments on the little cabinet.

    Wow, you have really cleared out the clutter. Me too, but not as much as you. Looks nice! My hubby would love it if I did more!

    I wasn't aware that you lived in the same place as before. For some reason I thought you had moved?

    Have a great week!